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Criminal Activities (2015)

Brief Nudity

Criminal Activities, perhaps one of the most transparently named titles, is a 2015 take on a 1977 screenplay. A group of college friends decide at a funeral to invest a massive sum of money in a pharmaceutical stock tip-off, ultimately losing all of it. The problem is that they borrowed said $400,000 from a crime boss played by John Travolta, who obviously wants them to pay up. Endearingly empathetic and health conscious (he drinks kale shakes, not neat whiskey), he offers them an alternative: Kidnap the rival gang leader's nephew so he can get his niece back. It seems fair enough, but these dudes have never partaken in criminal activities before. See? There isn't much skin save for a car quickie that shows off Morgan Wolk's airbags and Theta Catalon's impressive cleavage, but it's enough.   

Theta Catalon

Sexy - as Isaac's Mom

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