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Crash Kids

Crash Kids (1997)

Brief Nudity


A young girl named Laura reads about a kid named Nik in the newspaper and her mind starts to wander. The reason he’s in the newspaper is because he got caught stealing cars. As luck would have it, one day she meets Nik and is offered a ride from him. After having met him in person, she’s even more gaga over him and his lifestyle. Laura’s best friend Moni is worried about her getting into an accident, but Laura trusts Nik more than anything. Nik does get in a crash, and it’s in a car that belongs to a prominent pimp. This results in numerous members of the underworld going after him. Together, Nik and Laura need to flee the scene.

Isabell Gerschke plays the orange haired Laura in Crash Kids (1996). She’s frequently seen in a skimpy checkered bikini bottom and top. On one occasion as she’s lying on a hotel bed, a good gander at her breasts is available. She’s grand theft hotto!