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Colossal (2017)

No Nudity

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Anne Hathaway is a colossal hottie as Gloria in this goofy Godzilla-esque comedy that comes with an unexpected moral in the end. In Colossal (2016) Gloria is an unemployed writer and alcoholic. After another night of debauchery, she gets booted from the NYC apartment where she lives with her boyfriend Tim (Dan Stevens) and has to move back to her hometown in New Hampshire. There, she reunites with Oscar (Jason Sudeikis), her childhood friend who now runs a bar. Because a bar job is exactly what an alcoholic needs, he hires her, and they sink into depravity together. But when a giant monster starts terrorizing Seoul, Gloria soon realizes that it's fueled by her own issues. While her drunken rage becomes the monster, Oscar's own drunk anger is a giant robot who also destroys Seoul. But while Gloria manages to control her anger by staying away from the bottle, Oscar can't, or to be more accurate, won't, so soon enough it's up to Gloria to control her colossal creature and find a way to stop him. Truly a unique film that turns from a zany comedy to a serious portrayal of substance abuse and toxic relationships, we'd be lying if we didn't admit that it was a colossal disappointment to find out that Anne, who is usually very willing to unleash the cans, kept her top on for the entirety of the movie. However, it ends up she was pregnant at the time of filming, which is a decent excuse. Anne does look a bit nippy at one point as she walks outside in a black sweater and bounces with every step, so that's something, at least. After torturing the people of South Korea, it's really the least she could do. If you're looking to have a few drinks and tame your one-eyed monster to Miss Hathaway, there are better places to do it than her giant monster movie, Colossal