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Chat (2014)

Brief Nudity

(0:04) Various GIRLS are seen in lingerie as a tour is going through the office. Then we see Marielle de Rocca-Serra in lingerie lying on the bed. (0:05) Erica Bittner on a chat cam. She is topless and in her panties but it is hard to see her nipples thanks to the lighting. Jax Turyna in her bra on a chat cam. (0:06) Marielle de Rocca-Serra showing her breasts on a chat cam. Her left nipple is only partially visible. As the chat goes on we'll see her on her back rubbing her chest. We beiefly see her left breast in-between her fingers. Then a shot of both breasts reflected in the guy's glasses. (0:!2) Caitlin Collins in her bra. Then she is in her panties scissoring with Marielle de Rocca-Serra. (0:39) Marielle de Rocca-Serra stripped to her bra with a guy. (0:48) Marielle de Rocca-Serra dresses in a sexy leather dominatrix/superhero-like outfit showing cleavage. (0:48) Caitlin Collins enters in her bra. (0:50) Caitlin Collins now is sexy leather dominatrix outfit leading a guy around by a leash. (0:57) Caitlin Collins in bra and panties leaning into a chat camera. (0:58) Web picture of Marielle de Rocca-Serra in her black leather outfit showing nice cleavage. Then this is a pic of her and Caitlin Collins in her bra. (1:01) Right breast on Marielle de Rocca-Serra on a chat camera. (1:07) ASIAN in lingerie on a bed as a tour is being conducted through the office. Then Marielle de Rocca-Serra is in lingerie lying on her bed. Then Caitlin Collins comes out in a tiny slip. (1:16) Caitlin Collins enters room in her bra. Looks like the exact same shot as 0:48. She is then in her black dominatrix outfit. (1:20) Marielle de Rocca-Serra in lingerie getting off the bed.

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