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Cam Girl

Cam Girl (2014)

Brief Nudity

Top Scene


The Italian drama Cam Girl (2014) follows a successful cam show startup begun by a group of friends in an attempt to get out of debt. Soon their world expands as their business becomes more and more successful, but things turn deadly when one of the girls, Gilda (Sveva Alviti) gets a cyberstalker whose threats grow more and more menacing. All the success and money in the world cannot insulate any of these women from the growing threat of an unhinged fan! The film is jam packed with skin, particularly once the focus of the film shifts to Sveva Alviti's character! Sveva bares her beautiful breasts numerous times during various cam shows, and even during a sex scene with her boyfriend! There's also a terrific topless scene from the gorgeous Alessa Piovan as she rides her man in a steamy sex scene! Cam Girl will have you saying, "Damn Girl!"