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Buying the Cow

Buying the Cow (2002)

No Nudity

Top Scene


After several years of dating with no proposal, a commitment-shy man’s girlfriend gives him an ultimatum. She is going to New York for two months for a job. When she returns he either has to agree to marry her or they are breaking up. While she is gone he starts dating, sure that his soul mate is out there somewhere. Is the mystery girl who always seems to be one step ahead of him that girl, or is it the one who has been by his side all this time?

Buying the Cow (2002) isn’t the nudefest a film like this could be, but it does feature a bevy of babes including Bridgette Wilson and Annabeth Gish. It's Alyssa Milano who steals the sexy show. She plays a hot stripper who gives us some great sideboob while changing in a locker room and some amazing booty when she hits the stage and shakes if for dollars. As she shows off her sexy moves, you’ll be showing your man zone who’s the boss!