Proving once again that nothing succeeds like celebrity nudity, a naked picture of Carla Bruni taken in 1993 fetched $91,000 at Christie's this week. The black and white picture doesn't show Bruni's bushy, but it's a great shot of her perfect Eiffel towers. Ms. Bruni is a singer and a model, but is best known these days as the First Lady of France, a title she took when she married super-cool French president Nicolas Sarkozy, the Alain Delon of European politics. Carla's sister, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, isn't shy about showing her skin either, and bares all three B's in a long list of movies. Now I only hope that Carla can take a cue from her sister and become the first wife of a world leader to do FFN while her husband is in office. Libert??lit?fraternit?em>, and now nudit?em>!