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Broken Side of Time (2013)

Great Nudity!

(0:04) Lynn Mancinelli's right breast is visible in the bathtub. The left is covered in full shadow. (0:05) Lynn Mancinelli sitting in the dark. When she uses her lighter we see her in panties. Then she will be lying on the bed in her panties and then begins to masturbate (reminiscent of Natalie Portman in Black Swan.) Some right pokey visible. (0:10) Lynn Mancinelli now sitting by the window in her panties. (0:11) Lynn Mancinelli gets her leg tied in some rope for a photo shoot and then we see a series of photos of her in white panties with at least one shot where her left breast is visible. (0:18) Breasts and panties on Lynn Mancinelli taking photos of herself. (0:22) Lynn Mancinelli in panties in the bathroom. Left nipple visible on side on tanktop. Then we see left breast from the side as it comes off. (0:23) Lynn Mancinelli is being photographed. We see panties as she lifts up her dress while standing on a chair. Then we see breasts and panties. (0:32) Buns and side left breast on Lynn Mancinelli being painted for a photoshoot. Both breasts from a distance towards end of scene. (0:33) Breasts, bush and buns on bed on Audria Ayers being photographed. Scene is in black and white. (0:35) Breasts on both Lynn Mancinelli and Audria Ayers being photographed. Lynn Mancinelli is in panties. (0:38) Audria Ayers puts panties on up her dress. (0:42) Audria Ayers strips out of her dress showing breasts and bush. Buns eventually. Nearly a 10-minute scene as she is photographed and ending while lying on the bed on her stomach nude. (0:52) More of painted buns on Lynn Mancinelli. Breasts as well leaning over forward. (0:52) Full frontal breasts and bush on Audria Ayers outside in the woods being photographed. (1:02) Lynn Mancinelli in T-shirt and panties throwing up over toilet. (1:04) More painted breasts and buns on Lynn Mancinelli (1:06) Breasts on Lynn Mancinelli in an unpainted photoshoot. (1:10) More painted buns and breasts on Lynn Mancinelli (1:12) Lynn Mancinelli lying on her stomach in her panties in bed from a distance. (1:15) Lynn Mancinelli naked standing for a photoshoot. Very close showing bush. Then another shoot where she strips to bra and panties. We do see a hint of bush here along with breasts and buns. (1:19) Breasts on Lynn Mancinelli in some futuristic type outfit in a hotel room. (1:20) More painted buns and side left breast on Lynn Mancinelli . (1:22) Breasts on Lynn Mancinelli with some muck all over her. (1:27) Slight left breast and very partial buns on Lynn Mancinelli sitting in a chair being photographed. (1:28) Lynn Mancinelli sitting down in panties with a lighter looking at photos. (1:31) Lynn Mancinelli takes off her shirt displaying breasts. (1:39) Monique Demopoulos showing left breast and then seen wearing nothing on a stool. Both breasts when someone comes in. Then full frontal breasts and bush standing up introducing herself. (1:55) Lynn Mancinelli gets on the bed in her panties, (1:59) We see a recap of some earlier photos featuring breasts from Lynn Mancinelli


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