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We're All Slaves 4 Britney

Happy Monday, folks! It's the least favorite day of everyone's week (unless you are retired or a bartender), which merits a post to that'll make us all feel warm and fuzzy, if you catch my drift. Yesterday, Britney Spears, who has what is probably Hollywood's most amazing body right now, posted a topless photo of her on Instagram, opting to cover only what Instagram makes her. She looks fantastic, as always, solidifying her 20-year reign in everyone's spank banks. 

The photo was posted that day after Lifetime's Britney Ever After biopic, which didn't have her contribution or her sign off, sadly. There was one big surprise in the movie though - they allude to a potential sex tape between Britney and early 2000s beau Justin Timberlake. There's never been any word of such a tape in the past, but hey - I'm holding out hope! If a video of the two surface after nearly 15 years, we know one thing is certain: 

Britney knows how to play a long, long game.