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The French may not have invented sex, but it sure seems like they perfected it, or at least evolved the perfect practitioners, such as blonde French tart Brigitte De Borghese. As erotic example take Bacchanales Sexuelles (1974), which was known Stateside as Fly Me the French Way. Brigitte flies the friendly schlong of Jean-Paul Homdogge, as well as sampling his oral, or French, charms. You’ve got to hand it to the French--they know how to spice up the boudoir. Brigitte waited a decade before getting decadent again in The Sidewalks of Bangkok (1984), where she and her fella canoodle on the couch naked until they’re rudely interrupted by her disgruntled husband, who shoots them both dead. Brigitte’s career didn’t end as dramatically, but after appearing in the straight-to-video Le Syndrome d’Edgar Poe (1995) she was never seen again.

Top Scenes

The Sidewalks of Bangkok (1984) Nude, breasts 01:17:00 Brigitte shows right tit on couch as a naked fella climbs aboard...and then a bit more after they're both shot dead by a disgruntled husband. (47 secs)
Bacchanales sexuelles (1974) Nude, breasts, bush 01:16:00 Brigitte bares a ton of boobage and a bit of bush as she gets up from the couch and walks across the room. (42 secs)
Bacchanales sexuelles (1974) Nude, breasts, butt 01:39:00 Another glimpse of globage and the side of Brigitte's glutes as Jean-Paul Horndogge has his way with her. (58 secs)
The Sidewalks of Bangkok (1984) Nude, breasts 01:16:00 Some guy removes Brigitte's dress, leaving her topless in see-through panties as she collapses onto the couch and frisks herself with a fur coat. (43 secs)


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