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Bowfinger (1999)

No Nudity

Steve Martin is Bobby Bowfinger, a latter-day Ed Wood who'll stop at nothing to get his cinematic stinker made in Bowfinger (1999). The sure-flop flick is called Chubby Rain, and it details the destruction wrought by aliens invading in raindrops. Unsurprisingly, it was penned by Steve's accountant. But just because he's no-count doesn't mean Steve's going to make a movie without stars; if no bigshots will willingly make the flick with him, Steve will just have to trick 'em. Poor paranoid Eddie Murphy is the target of the scheme. Steve throws his actors at the action superstar every time he steps out of his house, and Eddie has no idea that he's being filmed. In fact, he jumps to the obvious conclusion that ETs are after him, and he runs to guru Terrence Stamp for coddling and mind control. That leaves Steve with no option but to find a look-alike—also Eddie Murphy—to finish the flick. Heather Graham and Christine Baranski appear as ravishing actresses who'll have you Bowfingering your package lickety-split.

Heather Graham

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