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Bloody Valentine

Bloody Valentine (2020)

No Nudity


One name and one name only came to define sex appeal in the late 2000s and 2010s, and that name, of course, is Machine Gun Kelly. Kidding! Obviously the big screen vixen we're referring to is the busty brunette sexpot Megan Fox. Everyone remembers first seeing Megan Fox's sexy scene in Transformers when she was only twenty-one-years-old, and it goes without saying that we see Megan's lesbian action in Jennifer's Body every time we close our eyes. Megan laid low after starting a family, but now we can officially say that Megan Fox is back in business, and looking hotter than ever! She teamed up with her real-life 2020 boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly to bring us this salaciously hot music video for his single Bloody Valentine. Megan Fox possesses the kind of sex appeal that affords her the ability to look sexy wearing a barrel and suspenders, so just imagine how incredible she looks casually rocking out in her panties and t-shirt! Throughout the video Megan flaunts her effortless beauty in a luxurious mansion. In some scenes we even get to see her in a bra as she slowly restrains Machine Gun Kelly with pink Duct Tape and eventually electrocutes him in the bathtub. It's shocking to say the least! We get plenty of close-ups of Megan's face that accentuate her perfect lips, sexy moody stare, and famous head of jet black locks that you just want to run your hands through. And don't even get us started on her truly ageless bod. When it comes to this mom, MILF really does do a body good!