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Sexy GIFs from Music Videos Rihanna bbee2f27 web

The rhythm is gonna get into your pants! ... read more

Christina Aguilera's Nipples Look Amazing in New Photoshoot Screen shot 2018 06 20 at 10 18 26 am 0fe595a7 featured

Xtina loves to get a little X-rated in her new promotional photos for her upcoming album. ... read more

Christina Aguilera Nude In A Bathtub Screen shot 2018 02 16 at 3 07 29 pm copy c954d6d0 featured

Who wants to put their genie in this bottle? There obviously isn't anyone hotter in the universe than Christina Aguilera, and if you had any doubts, just check out these nude bathtub pics that the songstress posted to Instagram.... read more

Madonna Reminds Us Why She's The Best Screen shot 2018 01 26 at 1 24 36 pm 768x768 e568de40 featured

Madonna Is A Topless Icon... read more

Movie Nudity Report: Atomic Blonde and Where to See This Weekend's Stars Nude 7.28.17 Charlize theron atomic blonde 97db3bbc featured

One of the summer's most skin-ticipated flicks finally comes out this weekend, and we've also got a quintet of this weekend's stars hottest nude scenes!... read more

Top Ten Hottest Babes of July 2017's Theatrical Releases Screen shot 2017 07 05 at 11 44 28 am 7f6ca659 featured

This July, there's lots of hot movies on the horizon with LOTS of hot babes in them! This week, we're looking ahead to ten new releases for the month and have picked one beautiful actress from each who has bared her body on camera! Here are the Top Ten Hottest Babes of July 2017's Theatrical Releases!... read more

Let's All Remember How Hot Xtina Is 42087c9d00000578 0 july phwoarth christina aguilera strips to her bikini for a very m 17 1499198548969 feeae0fe featured

Christina Aguilera has been a bit off the radar, but she emerged to heat up the 4th. ... read more

Madonna Gets A Biopic, Let's Look At Her Nudity Filled Career Screen shot 2017 04 27 at 9 56 56 am fe5e977c featured

Madonna Was Never Shy About Showing Her Body... read more

Disney Gone Wild: Former Child Stars Who Let Loose Gomez selena gomez good for you 766972 infobox bc5ca7d9 featured

From Miley Cyrus to Bella Thorne to the early years of Britney Spears... this list is a long one. ... read more

Hot Mormon Babes [PICS] 15213 web

On April 7, 1829, Joseph Smith began his translation of what would come to be known as the Book of Mormon. To celebrate the 285th Anniversary of this occasion, Mr. Skin is taking a look at the best nude scenes featuring actresses that either were or are Mormons. There are more than you think, as you can see after the jump, so let us know who has your favorite pair of Mormon mammaries!

More pics after the jump!
... read more

ScarJo Cell Phone Hacker Gets Jail Time, Massive Fines 11608 web

Hell hath no fury like Scarlett Johansson, apparently. The 27-year-old star of The Avengers is just one in a long line of celebrities to have nude pics stolen from her cell phone, but ScarJo took things to a whole new level by getting the FBI involved.
It didn't take the Feds long to trace the leak to Florida hacker Christopher Cheney, who pleaded guilty this week to nine counts of computer hacking in a Los Angeles federal court. (Cheney was charged with hacking into 50 celebrities' private cell phone and email accounts over a two-year period.) As a result, the judge not only sentenced Cheney to 71 months in prison for his hacking activities, but ordered him to pay his victims financial compensation.
So while we usually say that nudity is priceless here at Mr. Skin, it turns out that Scarlett Johansson's has a price tag-- $66,179.46, to be exact. And her fellow hackee Christina Aguilera? Hers were only worth $7,500.
So don't mess around with all that hacking stuff- get your kicks with Mr. Skin's Upskirts Under Tables and Upskirt No Panties playlists right here at MrSkin.com!
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Mark Evans: The Mr. Skin Skinterview 10682 web

Mark Evans has a million stories to tell. As the bassist for AC/DC from 1975 to 1977, he's been everywhere, done everything, and met every kind of girl along the way. He played bass on the albums T.N.T., High Voltage, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, Let There Be Rock, and the '74 Jailbreak EP, and your sister (or maybe even your mom) has totally shown him her tits.

Since he left AC/DC, Mark has lent his musical expertise to hard-rock bands like Finch, Cheetah, Swanee, Heaven and The Party Boys, and he released an album with Dave Tice (ex-singer of Buffalo) in October 2011.

Mark's new autobiography is called Dirty Deeds: My Life Inside/Outside of AC/DC, and as the title implies it details his wild life both within and without the legendary band. The Onion AV Club says Mark's book is
“much like AC/DC’s iconic hard rock: lean, raw, unflinching, and heavy on the riffs," and it's a must-read for fans of the band.
We caught up with Mark on the road promoting his book, where he schooled us on Ann-Margret, "lust at first sight", and where to find the world's best groupies.
More after the jump!... read more

FBI Arrests Alleged Scarlett Johansson Phone Hacker 9838 web

That was fast! Apparently Scarlett Johansson has some pull over at the FBI (or maybe just some peter-pullers), because the bureau announced this morning that they have made an arrest in the high-profile phone hacking case dubbed Operation Hackerazzi. While a group of hackers has claimed responsibility for the recent rash of leaked celebrity nudes (The pics aren't the only thing that's leaked, amirite fellas?), the FBI says the perp was a lone wolf, a Florida resident who never saw a cent from the pictures. But oh, the things he DID see...

The FBI also clarified that they've actually been probing the case for over a year, and although they zeroed in on the suspect months ago, the U.S. Attorney didn't take action until recently- after Scarlett Johansson's bare buns got involved. Guess they had to give the pictures a thorough examination first. In the bathroom. Alone.
UPDATE: The suspect has been identified as 35-year-old Christopher Chaney of Jacksonville, Florida. The FBI also cited Mila Kunis and Christina Aguilera as victims of Chaney's prying eyes, and said he faces 121 years in federal prison if convicted on all counts.

For all the latest breaking celebrity nudes, stay tuned right here at the Mr. Skin blog!... read more

Scarlett Johansson Enlists FBI in Phone-Hacking Case 9665 web

Scarlett Johansson can't take back her nude cell phone pics. They've been posted on hundreds of websites and downloaded onto countless hard drives all over the world. So the star is going for the next best thing- busting the guys who stole them.

On top of sending threatening letters to sites which posted the pics, she's enlisting the FBI to investigate the celebrity-hacking ring that's allegedly broken into the cell phones and personal email accounts of over 50 female stars, including Jessica Alba, Californication's Addison Timlin, Christina Aguilera and Mila Kunis (though reportedly the only pics on her phone were of Justin Timberlake).

The FBI confirmed to E! News that they are, in fact, on the case. Some of the targets- like Scarlett and Vanessa Hudgens- have already have their nude pics leaked, while the cyber-criminals are still sitting on others. Are we going to see a deluge of celebrity cell phone pics as the G-men close in on the pervy programmers? Only time- and gossip bloggers- will tell.

See more sexy pics and clips of Scarlett Johansson right here at Mr.Skin.com... read more

Love & Other Jugs: DVD Roundup 3-1-11 7969 web

Girls are going wild this week on DVD & Blu-Ray as Oscar hostess Anne Hathaway gets high on nudity in Love and Other Drugs, Cher & XXXtina Aguilera bump n’ grind in Burlesque, and J-Lo cracks the cleavage case in Out of Sight.
Love and Other Drugs
Jake Gyllenhaal is a pharmaceutical rep who gets the job of pushing Viagra in the romantic comedy-drama Love and Other Drugs. At the same time, he meets and falls for a woman with Parkinson's disease (Anne Hathaway) and starts a roller coaster romance. Along the way, we get some great look at Anne's bare boobage and butt in four glorious scenes. Who needs Viagra with those around?
In the campy musical extravaganza Burlesque, pop tart Christina Aguilera is a small town girl who dreams of being a stripper that doesn't take her clothes off and sings a lot, aka a burlesque artiste. She finds her place in a neo-burlesque club run by a former dancer named Tess (Cher) and staffed by babes like Kristen Bell and Chelsea Traille. There are plenty of "sexy" costumes in this picture, most of which takes place in a burlesque club, but exactly as much nudity as anyone who's been to a burlesque club would expect—none.
Out of Sight
Is it a good movie? No, it's only about the coolest, hippest motherfucker ever committed to celluloid, and it’s now nude on Blu-Ray. Jennifer Lopez and George Clooney are lovers on opposite sides of the law in this super-sexy style juggernaut. Jennifer’s famous caboose stays in her jeans, but she shows a great deal of cleavage in the expanded full-length version of the trunk ride with Clooney. Some people think her nipples may have been visible, and thanks to the magic of Blu-Ray J-lo’s jugs are clearer than ever. From booby bandits to cleavage capers, if you need a private dick, Mr. Skin's your man!... read more

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