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Black Scorpion

Black Scorpion (2001)

No Nudity


Los Angeles is falling victim to the grip of a crime wave, where even the mayor and police are of questionable integrity. Thankfully, Darcy Walker (Michelle Lintel) is on the scene. By day a cop, under the dark of night Walker becomes Black Scorpion, dishing out old school justice and keeping the streets safe for the clean-living folk. And it doesn’t hurt that she wears tight leather and looks totally hot delivering a kick to the side of a bad guy’s head. Roger Corman’s Black Scorpion was a great cult comic book superhero adaptation when it came out in 1995 as a TV movie. Sure, all the usual Corman shortcuts were there, but the flick knew it was a hack job and just had fun regardless. In the series, the production has taken a big step up in terms of style, acting, and budget, and though the series doesn’t have anywhere near as much gratuitous sex as the original had, it’s still a good time. Cameos by old Batman cast members Adam West and Frank Gorshin add to the fun and the endless stream of gorgeous women that appear as super-villains and bit players makes it a Skin must-see. Just don’t take it too seriously.