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Barbarella (1968)

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Mr. Skin was highly fond o' Jane Fonda during her pre-revolutionary career as a '60s sex kitten. Her signature showpiece of that era, Barbarella (1968), is a sci-fi, skin filled classic that follows Jane in the title role. Based on a famous French comic, Barbarella is a space faring sex pot who is sent to kidnap a weapons inventor named Durand Durand (Milo O'Shea). Yes, this is where the band got their name. Things go poorly right off the bat, and she has to trade sex with a dude named Hand (Ugo Tognazzi) for help out of a sticky situation. Then, she needs help from a grounded angel named Pygar (John Phillip Law) and convinces him to start flying again by doing him, too. If it ain't broke... A few challenges later, she ends up in a torture device that kills by sexual ecstasy. No plain Jane, our heroine short circuits the machine with little more effort than a sweaty forehead and a pleasant moan. Eventually she gets to Durand squared, and saves the day. Did we mention this movie was rated PG? It's true. But don't worry, you can still end up in all sorts of sticky situations, having sex with your hand watching it! Anita Pallenberg plays second fiddle when it comes to having you play with your instrument, but she does look pretty sexy in a weird, bikini based costume. But the woman who essentially invented the workout tape, Miss Fonda, will have you wrestling your anaconda with so many legendary sex scenes. She spends a ton of time in a thong, but also floats around space in zero gravity, eventually working her way to wearing zero clothes. Those titties make another appearance when we watch her grab some weird gizmo, before we see her ass as she goes for a stroll. A killer body and a gorgeous face? No wonder every billionaire is trying to get to space! Rumors are we're getting a remake, which better be just as sexually explicit as this sci-fi classic. One look at Barbarella and you'll be one horny fella!