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Arthur's Law

Arthur's Law (2018)

Brief Nudity

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Arthur's Law (2018) is also known as Arthurs Gesetz in its native German, is a German comedy about a man named Arthur who is basically a total loser. That sounds harsh, but it's the way that everyone describes him throughout this darkly comedic series from abroad. Arthur does not have a lot going for him right now. He lost one of his hands in an accident and he also lost his job. His marriage? It is not going that great. He wants to improve his lot in life, but he's a loser, so his plan to do it is also not great. He plans to try to kill his wife so that he can collect her life insurance and start a brand new loser-free life with a lover (he has a lover, so he can't be a total loser). That being said, this is Arthur's life and nothing in Arthur's life ever really goes well. The plan does not work and it just makes Arthur's life way worse! Comedy ensues. Even though his life is in shambles, he still manages to come face-to-face with a beautiful pair of yabos. Christina do Rogo plays Jesse who undressies to show off her breasts. She is laying in bed topless next to our chaotic hero Arthur. When she sits up, we can very briefly make out her rack. One perky nipple comes into view and then the other one. However, she goes back out-of-frame and we do not get to see those magnificent mams again.