4th Annual Anatomy Awards

A One-Armed Salute to the Most Skintastic Achievements in Motion Pictures for 2002

Welcome to Mr Skin's Annual Anatomy Awards, the world's most alluring alternative to that flesh-free popularity contest held in Hollywood every year.

Sure, it's a kick to see all those famous starlets in their skimpy designer frocks, but here's a prime opportunity to see them wearing nothing at all! And not only can you polish your trophy to the most Skin-ificant accomplishments in film last year, you'll also learn where to see the latest bevy of Oscar-nominated babes naked!

So forget about Best Picture and let's get to the Breast Pictures! Oscar who? We've got real golden globes right here!

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Best Funbags: Heather Graham in Killing Me Softly

Best Lesbo Scene: Rebecca Romijn–Stamos , Rie Rasmussen in Femme Fatale

Best Nip-slip: (unintentional nippage) Christina Aguilera in Diary (MTV)

Best Lip-slip: (unintentional lippage) Kelly Hu in Scorpion King

Best Geriatric Jugs: Mamie Van Doren in Slackers

Best Bikini Scene: Eliza Dushku in The New Guy

Best Ass: Nicole Kidman in The Birthday Girl

Best Sex Scene: Selma Blair in Storytelling

Best Panty Flash: Liv Tyler in One Night At McCool's

Best Crotch Patch: Angie Everhart in Sexual Predator

Best Furburgerage: Emily Mortimer in Lovely & Amazing

Best Pokiosity: Kirsten Dunst in Spiderman

Scariest Nude Scene: Kathy Bates in About Schmidt

Best Movie For Nudity: Frida

Lifetime Skin-chievment Award: Jaqueline Bisset

Academy Award Nominees Nude

Best Actress Nominees

Best Supporting Actress Nominees