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2nd Annual Nude Anatomy Awards!

Welcome to Mr Skin's Annual Anatomy Awards, the world's most alluring alternative to that flesh-free popularity contest held in Hollywood every year.

Sure, it's a kick to see all those famous starlets in their skimpy designer frocks, but here's a prime opportunity to see them wearing nothing at all! And not only can you polish your trophy to the most Skin-ificant accomplishments in film last year, you'll also learn where to see the latest bevy of Oscar-nominated babes naked!

So forget about Best Picture and let's get to the Breast Pictures! Oscar who? We've got real golden globes right here!

Push the envelope, please...

Mr. Skin presents the Best Nude Celebs of 2000

Best Breasts B Cup:
Amy Smart in Road Trip

Best Breasts C Cup:
Katie Holmes in The Gift

Best Breasts D Cup:
Jennifer Connelly in Waking the Dead

Best Debut Nude Scene:
Amanda Peet in The Whole Nine Yards

All Deliveries in Rear: (Best butt shot)
Peta Wilson in Mercy

Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree Award: (2nd generation nudity)
Kate Hudson in Almost Famous

George W. Bush Award: (best bush shot)
Kate Winslet in Holy Smoke

Best Full Frontal By a TV Star:
Alex Kingston in Essex Boys

Kathy Bates Award: (Actress that should have left her clothes on)
Ella Mitchell in Big Momma's House

Best Over 50 Nude Scene:
Barbra Hershey in Drowning on Dry Land

Best Striptease:
Shannon Elizabeth in Dish Dogs

Best Nudity By A Dead Chick:
Catherine Sutherland in The Cell

Breast Picture: (Best movie for nudity)
8 ½ Women

Best TV Show for Nudity:
Sex and the City

Wildest Sex Scene:
Menage–a–trois scene in American Psycho

Best Nudity by a Foreign Babe:
Laetitia Casta in La Bicyclette Bleue

Lifetime Skin-chievment Award:
Sharon Stone

Academy Award Nominees Nude

Here are the best places to see this year's Academy Award Nominated Celebrities Nude!

Best Actress Nominees

Joan Allen nominated for The Contender, nude in Off the Map '03
Juliette Binoche nominated for Chocolat, nude in Rende-vous '86
Ellen Burstyn nominated for Requiem for a Dream, nude in Tropic of Cancer '70
Laura Linney nominated for You Can Count On Me, nude in More Tales of the City '98
Julia Roberts nominated for Erin Brockovich, nude in Pretty Woman '90

Best Supporting Actress Nominees

Judi Dench nominated for Chocolat, nude in A Midsummer Night's Dream '68
Marcia Gay Harden nominated for Pollock, nude in Fever '91
Kate Hudson nominated for Almost Famous, nude in Almost Famous '00
Frances McDormand nominated for Almost Famous, nude in Short Cuts '93
Julie Walters nominated for Billy Elliot, nude in She'll Be Wearing Pink Pyjamas '94

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