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Ana by Day

Ana by Day (2018)

Great Nudity!

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Are doppelgängers a bad thing to someone who wants to get lost?  If you woke up one day and your exact double is clocking in for you at the job you hate, sleeping next to the person you aren't interested in anymore, and hell, even handling your finances, would you fight to get back to normal or would you see how far you can get from your "normal" life?  Ana by Day follows the story of Ana/Nina (Ingrid Garcia Jonsson) who is suddenly replaced one day by her exact double and decides that she is going to explore her newfound anonymity to the fullest, she can do what she wants, she can go where she wants, and she can screw who she wants!  She soon begins to test her own limits and gives us a pointed look at finding one's inner self amongst losing yourself in your own anonymity!  This clever Spanish indie flick gives us a few sexy looks at some of Ingrid Garcia Jonsson's hotter choices in this situation, having some sexy trysts with her amazing chest "doppelgängers" on full display and talk about a perfectly symmetrical set of twins!  We don't know if Ingrid would be interested in calling her double for a classic three-way "Dopple-banger"??? Come on, if she's pushing her boundaries, we can at least ask...