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In the world of the high-fashion supermodel, Amber Smith is a breath of fresh heat. The Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and catwalk temptress enjoys flaunting her talents—clothed, semi-clothed, and fully naked. Amber, in her post-modeling film career, embraces this ideal with a body made for lingerie, swimsuits, or, best, nothing at all. In Howard Stern's Private Parts (1997), Amber played the listener who related the story of her first lesbian experience. In an unforgettably erotic scene, she slowly described, in delectable detail, how she was seduced while away at summer camp by an equally girl-happy counselor. For more revealing looks at Amber, check out How To Be a Player (1997), Tell Me No Lies (2000), and Starstruck (2000). In 2008 she joined the second season of the reality smash Celebrity Rehab. When it comes to getting clean, there's no one dirtier than sexy Amber.

Amber Smith: R.A.W. Nude - as Herself
Nude, breasts, bush 00:04:00 Bush and wet T-shirt in the shower during photo shoot. (25 secs)
Nude, breasts, bush 00:07:00 Bush and boobs in shower during photo shoot. (31 secs)
Nude, breasts, butt, thong 00:08:00 T&A changing. (44 secs)
Nude, breasts 00:22:00 Boobs during photo shoot. (38 secs)
Nude, breasts, bush 00:43:00 Boobs and bush during photo shoot. (44 secs)
Dead End Nude - as The Lady in White
Nude, butt 00:38:00 Amber chews her man's lip clean off, then drops her duds to show one fabulous ass. (19 secs)
Crime Scene Nude - as Charile
Nude, breasts, butt 00:52:00 The scene is dark, the snoobs and seat are hot. Amber shows her jewels in this murky sex scene. (1 min 12 secs)
Nude, breasts, lesbian 00:54:00 Smith and Erneta go for a little underwater Sapphic, boober-baring frottage. (24 secs)
Nude, breasts, lesbian 01:03:00 Once just wasn't enough--have another peep at Amber and GiG's chesticles in this hot tub flashback. (31 secs)
Nude, breasts, lesbian 01:17:00 Another flashback? Hey, I'll take it. Waterboobs! (17 secs)
Starstruck Nude - as Vanessa Rio
Nude, breasts 00:17:00 Get a peephole view of Amber's chest-jewels as she strips down to string bikini unders while two peeping pervs peek. (48 secs)
Nude, breasts 00:20:00 Leave it to Amber Smith to make even those goofy shower pouf doo-hickies look sexy! She sensuously scrubs her rub-a-dub-dubs in the tub . . . (50 secs)
Nude, breasts 00:26:00 Methinks Amber has an inkling that she's being spied on . . . she rolls around in nothing but panties, putting on quite the show for her snoopers. (45 secs)
Nude, breasts 00:28:00 SLIT! There, did I get your attention? OK, OK, I mean she lies with her THROAT slit, but you can see her spectacular snoobs, so don't go crying to your mama about it. (27 secs)
Nude, breasts 00:37:00 Clad in sexy lingerie, she makes her man strip down, then does the same, and it's tits a-go-go. (48 secs)
Nude, breasts 00:38:00 Sufficiently topless and ready for action, she lies back on to the bed and shows off her ubiquitous orbs yet again. (50 secs)
Tell Me No Lies Nude - as Alex
Nude, breasts 00:25:00 The amazing Amber whips off her top to put her chest jewels on parade. (1 min 16 secs)
Nude, breasts 00:39:00 Amber (on the right) trots out her titacular ta-tas again while enjoying a girl-girl grope in bed with Erika Michaels. (48 secs)
Nude, breasts 01:01:00 Amber gives her torso tweeters a nice rubdown while in the hot tub. Boiling! (1 min 39 secs)
Red Shoe Diaries: As She Wishes Nude - as Woman
Nude, breasts 00:06:00 Amber's seemingly silicone stack gets a lot of face-time as she rides her man in a deck chair. (43 secs)
Nude, breasts, butt 00:20:00 More of Amber's ample apples as she enjoys a nude screw on the beach, followed by some sweet moments of keester as she frolics back into the ocean. (1 min 6 secs)
Nude, breasts, butt 00:23:00 A nice, convenient recap off all the sex Amber had in the movie - complete with several encore shots of her rack and ass. How thoughtful! (36 secs)
How to Be a Player Nude - as Amber
Nude, breasts 00:04:00 Amber pulls her poppers out for a topless fantasy scene with Bellamy... We're guessing he was glad it was in "real life..." (17 secs)
Nude, breasts, butt 00:42:00 Amber in a sexy nurse outfit followed shortly by Amber out of said sexy nurse outfit. Boobloons and assy-goodness! (56 secs)
L.A. Confidential Nude - as Susan Lefferts
Nude, breasts 00:35:00 Amber's anthills are revealed as her sheet is pulled back in the coroner's office. (15 secs)
The Funeral Nude - as Bridgette
Nude, breasts 00:43:00 Rumor has it that this is real sex! She wipes herself after Paul Hipp pulls out. Amazing, ample boobage, too! (1 min 21 secs)
Lingerie Nude - as Giovanna
Nude, breasts, bush, butt Ep. 02x01 Amber might be the first lady in Lingerie to keep her Lingerie on, but it's just a garter and stockings, we still get to see everything! (3 mins 28 secs)
Sin City Diaries Nude - as Angelica
Nude, breasts, bush Host Amber decides to join in on the action and shows full frontal while doing it with some dude in bed. Sin-fully succulent! (1 min 30 secs)
Nude, breasts, butt, bush Amazing Amber drops her duds and mounts her dude, showing off shaved and stunning frontal and her heart-shaped heinie. (1 min 30 secs)
Nude, breasts, butt, bush Pull out your mamber and watch Amber, who bares every glistening, wet inch of her naked frame while enjoying a hot solo shower. (1 min 30 secs)

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