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All That Divides Us

All That Divides Us (2017)

Brief Nudity

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All That Divides Us (2017) is a French film where a bourgeois family has some conflict with a family in the projects in the city of Sete. A mother and daughter become involved in a disappearance of someone in the slums. The effortlessly sexy Catherine Deneuve has aged into mom roles, but that doesn't mean she isn't an absolute MILF. She plays a mom trying to save her young adult daughter - played by the impeccable Diane Kruger - from a bad relationship while they also look after a dangerous mystery that's afoot and rocks multiple families in this small French cirty. Disappearances blackmails, class conflicts are all the things that divide in this tense crime drama from Thierry Klifa. Diane Kruger is certainly a daughter worth protecting. She plays Julia and does everything to take off her clothes from breasts to butt. She shows her boobs when she is in missionary sex with a guy in a dimly lit straight sex scene. She's on the bottom, but we later see her bottom up close and personal in some scenes that showcase her sexy seat. In another missionary sex scene, we get to see her lucky lover fondle her bun bags. He squeezes her breast and kisses on her hard pink nipple to give us some extra sexiness. Forget the things that divide people! Darling Diane has domes that bring people together.