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Let's all give it up for Alix Schwartz. Alix Schwartz - who is sometimes known as Alix Lane - is a beautiful actress with light blue eyes and light brown hair. Alix began her career in 2016 when she first appeared as a volleyball player in an episode of the series Baskets. This lovely lady has starred in An Act of Love (2017), One Minute Worlds (2020), Guidance (2017), The Readers (2020), The Perfect Murder (2016), and the film Play the Flute (2019) which had us wanting to play with our flute. She didn't go nude in any of those and she still has not, but she got damn close. She plays Ashley in the indie horror flick Black Pumpkin (2018) where she shows us her pumpkins in a bra. We are talking about big cleavage! Alix gets on top of a man she is making out with and neither one of them is wearing a shirt. That's great news for us because we love to watch Alix in a bra. She keeps it down to her bra and her panties which she does not take off, but it is few enough clothes to let us check out her amazing figure as she rides her guy's lap. We think this would go a lot better without panties on, but maybe Alix is making us wait until next time to see that kind of thing. Fingers crossed she goes nude soon. She has left us wondering: how many licks does it take to see Alix Schwartz nude?