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3 Body Problem

3 Body Problem (2024-)

Brief Nudity


When particle accelerators around the world begin delivering weird, impossible results and members of the scientific community start killing themselves or stopping their research, an intelligence officer named Da Shi (Benedict Wong) is brought in to investigate. He discovers a conspiracy dating back to China’s Cultural Revolution and to an astrophysicist named Ye Wenjie (played first by Zine Tseng and then Rosalind Chao as an adult), who long ago sent a message into space asking for help to stop the violence in her country. Da is then Introduced to a group of scientists who all recently came together after the death of their teacher - who also happened to be Ye Wenjie’s daughter. Things get even spookier when one of these scientists, Auggie Salazar (Elza Gonzalez), starts hallucinating a countdown to what appears to be her own death, and another two, Jin Cheng (Jess Hong) and Jack Rooney (John Bradley), stumble upon a hyper-realistic VR video game about an alien planet. So far, it’s only Elza putting the body in 3 Body Problem, as we see her in a black bra and panties, though she’s throwing up so it’s not the sexiest of circumstances. The book it’s adapted from is part of a sci-fi trilogy, so perhaps the next two installments will deliver more skin!