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10 Movies With Totally Unsimulated Sex Scenes 9songs stilley n hd 11 infobox 5d8c6797 featured

Perhaps the utmost dedication an actress can have to her craft. ... read more

Full Frontal Flight and more: Nudeworthy on Netflix 11.6.13 [PICS] 14356 web

Get ready for takeoff because Nadine Velazquez’s full frontal debut in Flight (2012) is now on Netflix! You’d think that would be impossible to beat, but Caligula (1979) begs to differ. The highbrow porno has Helen Mirren, Teresa Ann Savoy, and a whole roman orgy of skin stars available. Giving that multitude of mams a run for their money is the ever-slippery Maria Schneider providing eight nude scenes in Last Tango in Paris (1972). Pass the butter!

Before legendary director Paul Verhoeven was gracing the world with Basic Instinct (1992) and Showgirls (1995), he was directing Hall-of-Fame worthy nude scenes from Jennifer Jason Leigh and more in the period piece Flesh + Blood (1985).

There are more transgressive titillations to be had in The Doom Generation (1995), where Rose McGowan bares T&A to bump uglies with two dudes.

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Check Out Some REAL "Good Old-Fashioned Orgies" with Mr. Skin [PICS] 9589 web

A Good Old-Fashioned Orgy star Lake Bell (seen above) appeared on Chelsea Lately last night, and Lake had some skinteresting comments, about, oh I dunno, US:

I think the key to shooting any kind of sexual, or nudity, scene is not to pull any faces. Because I pull faces a lot, like ‘ahhh, look at me, I’m crazy’, and there’s all this stuff going on that’s NOT pretty in a still….Now I’ve got it down, so if there’s nudity involved of any sort…you have to…make sure you’re kind of posing in your face a little, cause it’s going to be freeze framed. Mr. Skin, you know….

Thanks for the shout-out, Lake, but we’re going to have to call your bluff on this one, because you’ve never actually BEEN nude in a movie! Not even in this movie- Angela Sarafyan is the only one who peels to reveal in A Good Old-Fashioned Orgy.

It’s clear these ladies need a lesson in what a REAL good old-fashioned orgy looks like, and what better place to turn than the swingin’ ‘70s for skinspiration?

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RIP Maria Schneider: From Last Tango in Paris to Last Tango Ever 7856 featured

Mr. Skin Hall-of-Famer and Parisian belle femme Maria Schneider has shuffled off this mortal coil.
The legendary actress's light went out in the City of Lights today at the age of 58 after a battle with cancer.
Maria is best remembered for her very naked performance as Marlon Brando's partner in anonymous kinky sex in Last Tango in Paris, one of the most controversial films of all time, not least for it's butter-lubed anal sex sequence.
Although she got naked again in La Derobade in 1979, that was also the year that she claimed her experiences with Brando had scarred her for life.
She stormed off the set of the skinstant classic Caligula, where she had been case as Drusilla, the incestuous sister of the emperor and holed up in a hotel with her lesbian lover, refusing to ever do nudity on film again.
Teresa Ann Savoy took over the role, Maria went into a downward spiral of addiction, and the rest is skinstory.
We never saw Maria naked again, but at least she left us a skinematic masterpiece to remember her by,
Maria, Mr. Skin wishes you a fond adieu.... read more

Count Rackula's Favorite Porn Stars in Horror Movies 3692 featured

If You Can’t Masturbate, Decapitate!

Ah my friends, welcome back to Castle Rackula. I wasn’t expecting you this early!

You’ve caught me watching one of my old favorites, Dracula Exotica with Vanessa del Rio and my dear friend Randy West. But that actually brings me to the point of this week’s visit.

When I was a young boy in pre-Christian Mamsylvania, my friends and I used to steal the erotic etchings of Messalina getting gang-banged by the senate that the Roman soldiers carried and hide them under our straw mattresses to look at by candlelight when everyone else was asleep.

Incidentally, the real Messalina was never as hot as Anneka Di Lorenzo (AKA Marjorie Lee Thoreson) was in Caligula. But then, the real Messalina would never have sued Bob Guccione for sexual harassment.

Pornography has come a long way since the days of the Roman Empire. And today’s porn stars, while they may not have the political pull that Messalina did, do have more star power.

And sometimes they use that star power to make the jump from creamed teens to scream queens. Here are few of my favorites.

Read more after the bite.... read more

Splatter flicks? Sexploitation? Obsession with Huge Nipples? Meet McBeardo! 2652 web

A Skintroduction to Mr Skin's Man in the Feels

Editor's Note: McBeardo is Mr Skin’s resident sexpert on weird, cult, fringe, midnight, underground and/or any other extreme form of skinema.

He reports from the frontlines and backrooms of most skintimidating screening halls on the planet – not the least of which is the place where he keeps his couch.

The opinions of McBeardo are not necessarily those of Mr Skin, MrSkin.com, or any related affiliates. The ideas as to what constitutes a “wild time” are definitely not Mr Skin’s, period.

Please click McBeardo's mitt on the magnifincent bosom on Nekromistress to go to the next page and read his first column.... read more

Caligula: The 3-Disc Imperial Edition Orgies on DVD -- October 2, 2007 2476 featured

His name literally translates as “Little Boots”, but Rome’s most notorious emperor and the Penthouse-magazine-produced film he inspired made an impact on popular culture and deviant sex that can only be described as massive and eternal.

And on this date in 2007, Caligula finally arrived on DVD in The Imperial Edition.

The exquisite release contained multiple versions of the movie, individual commentaries from stars Malcolm McDowell and Helen Mirren, an interview with director Tinto Brass, two making-of documentaries, hours of deleted scenes and alternate takes, trailers, hundreds of photographs, and superstar author Gore Vidal’s original screenplay.

For fans of this one-of-a-kind epic of the perverse, Caligula: The Imperial Edition was the answer to countless prayers offered up to the Roman gods of orgies, Teresa Ann Savoy, and all manner of other indulgences. Long may it make togas rise.... read more

Cleopatra Commits Suicide by Tit and Asp -- August 11, 30BC 1064 featured

Immortal Sex and Beauty Icon Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile, Took Her Own Life by Applying a Venomous Snake to Her Breast on This Date, 2,038 Years Ago.

Her rule of ancient Egypt is legendary.
She provided a signature role for screen vamps Theda Bara and Elizabeth Taylor.
She has served as the subject of numerous highbrow and lowbrow films alike.
And she laid down some of the most crucial cornerstones of goth-girl culture.
For those reasons, among others, Cleopatra lives on as one of humanity's -- and, especially, Hollywood's -- truly timeless glamor goddesses.

Learn more, and see some naked pyramids, after the jump.
... read more

Nazi Whorehouse Epic Salon Kitty Debuts on DVD -- July 24, 2003 539 featured

Flesh-Happy Filmmaker Tinto Brass's Sex-Soaked Nazi Brothel Drama Salon Kitty Gets the Special Edition DVD Treatment on This Date in 2003.

The magnificent grindhouse archaeologists at Blue Underground, who had previously issued vintage skin classics such as Emanuelle in America and Eugenie... The Story of Her Journey Into Perversion, outdid themselves by releasing a double-disc DVD special edition of erotic maestro Tinto Brass's lavish Third Reich brothel drama, Salon Kitty.
Aside from being the classiest product of the bizarre, only-in-the-'70s Nazisploitation subgenre (which includes Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS, Love Camp 7, and SS Experiment), Salon Kitty nabbed Brass the job of directing Caligula, for which he brought along leading lady Teresa Ann Savoy.

Salon Kitty contains scenes of sweeping female nudity along with joltingly perverted kinks -- and we thank Blue Underground for doing this overstuffed cavalcade of arousing atrocities right.

To see just exactly what might be depicted in the above photo, as well as for a Der Furry look at full-frontal Teresa Ann Savoy, click and jump.... read more

Nero: A Hero?

On this date in 68, the Roman Emperor Nero, last of the Julio-Claudian line, committed suicide following a coup in which the Senate declared him an enemy of the state and bribed his bodyguards to betray him. The successor to his adopted father Claudius, who had succeeded Nero's uncle Caligula in 51, Nero, like his uncle Caligula, was notorious for his excesses and proclivities (though many of these may have been exaggerated by historians like Suetonius and Tacitus). According to the histories, Nero had his own mother Agrippina murdered, executed the apostles Peter and Paul as part of his ongoing persecutions of Christians, set fire to Rome and sang as it blazed, and castrated and married a young slave named Sporus, To learn more about Nero's debauched exploits, visit your local library or go rent the skin-friendly mini-series I, Claudius (1976). Or better yet, the unrated deluxe edition of the Tinto Brass classic Caligula (1979). You'll go from Nero to Sticky in 30 seconds!
... read more

Land of the Caesars and the Lemon Squeezers

According to legend, today is the day when twin brothers Romulus and Remus founded the city of Rome in 743 BC. The brothers, suckled by a she-wolf and raised by a shepherd after their uncle left them to die as infants, eventually grew up and founded the city on the Palatine, the first of the seven hills of Rome. From its birth until the Visigoth king Alaric I sacked the city in AD 410, Rome gave us all sorts of things to appreciate. There were spectacular orgies that are still the stuff of legend, sexually depraved emperors like Tiberius, Caligula, and Nero, and state-sanctioned temple prostitution. Granted, almost everything I know about Roman history comes from watching movies like Caligula (1979), but who knows more about the history of Italy than Penthouse publisher Bob Guccione, an actual Italian? I submit that no one does.... read more

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