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Top Ten Black and White Nude Scenes Screen shot 2016 08 24 at 10 44 35 am 716e2f8e featured

This week in 1891, the motion picture camera was patented, a monumental occasion in the life of any cinephile. To celebrate, we're taking a look at our favorite black and white nude scenes from cinema history! The old-timey feel combined with the beautiful naked female form makes for a titillating experience, and these ten beauties are sure to deliver!... read more

Top Ten Hottest August Birthday Babes Over 40 Screen shot 2016 08 11 at 9 48 09 am a333aa95 featured

August is well-renowned as the hottest month, and the same can be applied to the number of amazingly hot women that have been born this month! The list of babes over 40 was long enough for two Top Tens, but in the end, these ten beauties battled it out to be on top. Age is nothing but a number and these August Birthday Babes prove it!... read more

Top Ten Nude Babes Named Ruth Ruth negga topless 21d90ec9 featured

On August 11, 1929, Babe Ruth hit his 500th home run—on his way to 714 for his career. To reflect upon this occasion, we're taking a look at our ten favorite nude actresses named Ruth! This biblical name isn't quite as prevalent as it once was, but there are still plenty of smoking hot naked actresses named Ruth! Here are our Top Ten Nude Actresses Named Ruth!... read more

Top Ten Nude Scenes from Music Videos Screen shot 2016 08 01 at 1 12 23 pm 25e49a00 featured

35 years ago this week, MTV went on the air for the very first time and revolutionized the music industry. While the channel is but a shadow of its former rebellious self these days we wanted to celebrate the best nude scenes from music videos, and what better occasion then on this anniversary? Without further ado, here are our Top 10 nude scenes from music videos!... read more

Top Ten: Even More 'Harry Potter' Actresses Byrne lpfc n 03 infobox d6dc7f02 featured

Begin typing...... read more

Top Ten Hottest Actresses From Miami Diora baird topless 0d55e7c5 featured

120 years ago today, the great city of Miami, Florida was officially incorporated! To celebrate this major occasion, we're taking a look at ten of Miami's hottest exports: bare beauties! These ten ladies have done an excellent job representing the city that bore them on screen, and we just can't get enough of their hotness! Here are our top ten hottest actresses from Miami!... read more

Top Ten 'Bourne' Actresses Vikander ex machina 763966 infobox e34e8c72 featured

Time to jostle your MAMory! This weekend marks the release of the fifth Bourne movie, titled Jason Bourne, with Julia Stiles reprising her role as Nicky and franchise newcomer Alicia Vikander joining in on the CIA shenanigans. You'll be like a dog Jason your tail when you see all of the sexiest actresses who have appeared in the highly successful franchise! ... read more

Top Ten Nude Scenes from Garry Marshall Movies Screen shot 2016 07 20 at 8 23 05 am f27080d2 featured

We lost one of the greats this week as legendary comedy writer and director Garry Marshall passed away on Tuesday night. Though he's primarily worked in the family friendly business for the last two decades, his career is full of films with great nude scenes. In honor of his passing, we present the Top Ten Nude Scenes from Garry Marshall Movies!... read more

Top Ten 2016 Emmy Nominees Nude Dunst melancholia hd n 09 infobox 587b7838 featured

The 2016 Emmy Award Award nominations were announced today, and we are happy to see that this year's lineup brings tons of talented babes who've gone nude, either in their nominated roles or in previous projects! Check out the Top 10 hottest naked nominees, and get ready to turn Emmy into a semi! ... read more

Top Ten Celebrities Who Made Social Media Faux Pas 91e434012e5687b74e45b048046e8101 55e566eb featured

Last week, Mischa Barton made a boneheaded Instagram post in which she referred to cops as "pigs" and looked distraught while sipping wine on a yacht in a bikini. Mischa is the latest in a long line of celebrities who made social media faux pas, and this week, we're looking at ten of our favorite nude celebs who have done just that... Made an ass of themselves on social media! It's a brand new time honored tradition, and without further ado, here are our favorites!... read more

Mr. Skin's Top 10 Nude Scenes of All Time Mr skin s top 10 nude scenes of all time 89a92576 5599812f featured

Mr. Skin, the man, the legend, shares his personal Top 10 favorite scenes of all time!... read more

Top Ten Nude Actresses from Sherlock Holmes Adaptations 16031 001141569 122 358lo cb2639d4 featured

On July 7, 1930, the world bid farewell to legendary author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the man most famous for creating the character Sherlock Holmes. There have been a ton of Sherlock adaptations on screens both big and small, and to honor Doyle's memory, let's take a look at ten nude scenes from ten of our favorite actresses from these various adaptations! Whether you like your Holmes period or contemporary, there's plenty here to put some smoke in your pipe and perk up your deerstalker!... read more

Top Ten Actresses Who Started on Soap Operas Demi moore web d43dc2de featured

On this day in 1963, one of the longest running soap operas of all-time, Guiding Light, aired on CBS for the very first time. Though the series went off the air in 2009, this anniversary got us thinking about all the great actresses who got their start on soap operas, and it's one hell of a list! Here are our Top Ten Nude Actresses Who Started on Soap Operas!... read more

Top Ten Jane Actresses From 'Tarzan' Derek ghosts cant do it 780991 infobox 9fc5c8bd featured

This weekend the much-hyped The Legend of Tarzan hits theaters, co-starring the lovely Margot Robbie as Jane Porter. Thankfully author of the original Tarzan series, Edgar Rice Burroughs, created a character usually played by women who you want to Burroughs your face in, and we've got the Top Ten Hottest Jane Actresses right here! ... read more

Top Ten Cleveland Natives Nude Halle berry hot 117391 1400x1050 91bd4d5b featured

Despite what you want to say about the officiating, Cleveland is celebrating its first sports championship in nearly seventy years this week as the Cavaliers finally took home the Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy! This rockin' city has given us an eclectic mix of actresses that have gone nude on film! It's a list every bit as diverse as the city itself, and we couldn't be happier for these ladies celebrating their hometown's glory! Here are our Top Ten Cleveland Natives Nude!... read more

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