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Sophie Turner's True Hotness Has Arrived St3 9e4308b9 featured

Well, we all knew this day was bound to happen and while some thought it might not happen until later in the future, I believed this day would be here before we knew it. What day am I speaking of? Why the day Sophie Turner became super hot. ... read more

Top Ten Mexican Mamacitas for Cinco de Mayo Top10header b9b2e224 featured

Perhaps the greatest day on the calendar this month, Cinco de Mayo is a time to celebrate all things Mexican! This year, we've got ten of our favorite Mexican actresses who've gone nude on screen for our enjoyment! Our neighbors have given us so many great things over the years, and these are just ten of them! On any other list, these could all be contenders for the top slot, that's just how awesome these ladies are! Happy Cinco de Mayo!... read more

It's STAR WARS DAY : Time to 'Leia' a Princess ! Princess leia outfits03 adrianne curry 725ef71a featured

Today is universally recognized as Star Wars Day—inspired by the phrase “May the 4th" (Be With You”)—a takeoff on the iconic line to Luke {“May the Force…”} in 1977’s first film of the franchise.... read more

Move Over, 'Fifty Shades'—Showtime's 'Submission' Has Arrived  v6a1348 6fa3b873 featured

An acclaimed adult film director, a rising mainstream star, and an award-winning porn performer helm one of spring's most promising shows.... read more

Skinstant Video Selections: Bully, Into the Wild, and More 5.4.16 Skinstant header 171d98ab featured

The start of a new month is always a glorious time to find new skin-filled streaming options on Amazon and Netflix!... read more

What's More Beautiful, The Art In The Met or The Celebrities Outside? Met gala 0503 30 compressed fd6a44db featured

The Met Gala brings out the finest celebrities in their finest outfits every year. Sometimes it can be hard to decide what is more beautiful: the art on the walls of the Metropolitan Museum of Art or the celebrities on the red carpet outside. ... read more

Sleuth Plays Favorites : Happy Birthday REBECCA HALL! Rebecca hall photo 01 2ac005c1 featured

Her raunchiest role was playing a stripper in Lay the Favorite…but Sleuth will have to settle for playing favorites by celebrating the fact that his screen crush REBECCA HALL turns 34 today! ... read more

Skin Links 5.3.16 Page 3 hottie india reynolds amazing topless  04 307570a1 web c675a0f1 featured

It's impossible for Mr. Skin to be everywhere at once, so sometimes he turns to his friends on the internet to bring you the latest Skin approved stories from around the web! 
Lizzy Caplan in a see-through top Fleshbot
Lara Stone caught topless on a photoshoot Taxi Driver Movie
Bella Hadid pokies in NYC The Nip Slip
Angelica Bridges nipples in the ocean Drunken Stepfather
Page 3 Hottie India Reynolds looks amazing topless Egotastic All Stars
Jodie Piper gets naked in the pool Boobie Blog
Adriana Lima super hot for Billboard Latin Awards Last Men on Earth
Our new Lara Croft is Alicia Vikander Double Viking
Sara Underwood has some interesting hiking gear Steakwood... read more

Is Isabelle Furhman Wearing Camo Panties Or Going Commando? Spl1273495 012 4934677a featured

We all know that when it comes to picking out the right outfit, it’s important to match as best you can. Now that doesn’t mean wearing all the same colors or patterns as that tends to do the opposite. Though there are those rare occasions when matching patterns are rather sexy. For example, Isabelle Furhman might be wearing camo panties under her camo shorts.... read more

Mischa Barton Is A Goddess In A White Bikini Spl1272597 001 163ffe49 featured

The name Mischa comes from Russia, it is the diminutive form of Michael, from the nickname Misha, and it means “Who Is Like God?” but when it comes to Mischa Barton I think it’s closer to who looks like a goddess? And the answer is Mischa Barton.... read more

SKINcoming on DVD & Blu-ray: Arabian Nights, Easy Rider, and More 5.3.16 Skincoming 0104d776 featured

A classic makes its way to Blu-ray via the Criterion Collection, and a trio of lesser known flicks bring some skin to your home theater this week!... read more

Paris Hilton Gives Us A Nipply Reminder She's Still Hot Spl1272407 001 f6bc1ce4 featured

Why hello there, Paris Hilton. We haven’t seen your nipples in quite a long time. I have to say, it’s good to see them again and we are all glad you doing so well and still looking so hot. ... read more

Everyone Needs To Know About Cristin Milioti And Her Hotness Spl1272055 023 6f3f0eca featured

I would like to take five minutes of your time to talk about something near and dear to me, Cristin Milioti. At this very moment you might be saying to yourself; “Who is Cristin Milioti?” and that’s why I want to talk about her. You see, we all need to know who Cristin Milioti and we all need more Cristin Milioti.... read more

Jessica Alba Shows Off Her Sexy Hula-Hoop Skills In The Trailer For "Dear Eleanor" Jessica alba hula hoop butt3 fc16bd0a featured

If coming-of-age, road trip movies focusing on two girls from the 1960s aren’t movies you normally see, might I suggest you give Dear Eleanor a chance. For you see, this movie contains a scene of Jessica Alba doing some kind of burlesque/strip tease with a hula-hoop. ... read more

TV Nudity Report: Outlander 5.2.16 Caitriona balfe a0b0cd infobox e054acf1 featured

It was a light skin weekend, but thankfully an Anatomy Award winner doffed her duds for the first time this season to add a dash of flesh to the proceedings.... read more

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