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The 2016 MTV Video Music Awards Outfits Were Extra Skinful Spl1339990 037 e48c256f featured

The 2016 MTV Video Music Awards, also known to humans as the VMAs, went down last night, and this year's celebs seriously delivered in the skin department.... read more

How Does Gal Gadot Make Yawning So Sexy? Gg 35d6c9e6 featured

Of all the things someone can do to be sexy, yawning is probably not at the top of the list. Think about it, a yawn can ruin a conversation, a party, and of course nothing ruins a date faster than someone yawning. Yet, when Gal Gadot yawns I can’t help but think that it is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.... read more

Why Vacation When Danica McKellar Posts Bikini Pics On Instagram? Dm 4a9edfe4 featured

It can be tough to constantly look at pictures of celebrities on vacation. The longing to be out in the world, living a life where you can be free to head out to a fun destination whenever you so desire. But if you did that, you might miss a chance to see Danica McKellar in a bikini.... read more

Ana de Armas Will Be The Celebrity Of 2016 Ada  3  5fa7d4e6 featured

There is always a little risk when it comes to making a prediction. You can be heralded as a hero or laughed at because of your foolish mistake. But sometimes you just have to step out onto that limb, no matter what happens. I’m going to make a predication that Ana de Armas will the celebrity of the year for 2016. ... read more

More GQ Pics for Those Wanting to See Kim Kardashian Boobs Kim kardashian 54 5a3698cf featured

Last week we got a look at majestic centaur Kim Kardashian showing off her boobs in a see through white top, but for those of you wanting a look at the unpackaged goodies, we've now got more photos from her June GQ Magazine photo shoot!... read more

TV Nudity Report: Ballers and Ray Donovan 8.29.16 Vera nova topless ae6dc85b featured

Two nudity stalwarts helped carry an otherwise lackluster week for skin on the boob tube!... read more

Beyond Tube Sites: Pornspot Is a Free Social Network For Adults Alison tyler sundae 36bf1cda featured

Collectively, it's a totally awesome network of porn, porn watchers, porn stars, and cam girls, which makes it the perfect spot to unwind after a long, hard day.... read more

Director Originally Planned 8 Boobed Hooker for Total Recall Naff total hd s 02 infobox 554c3ca2 featured

Paul Verhoeven originally wanted the now infamous bar hooker to have octomams, but we've got the celebrities with ACTUAL third nipples. Check 'em out! ... read more

Meet The Newest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Mia Kang Screen shot 2016 08 25 at 8 46 32 pm ed0cfe1f featured

Normally when a contest is run through social media in any form, I tend to tune out automatically. But it appears that the good people over at Sports Illustrated have used Instgram to find a new swimsuit model and I have say, thank you social media for giving us Mia Kang. ... read more

Here's A Reminder That Emily Ratajkowski Is Sexy Er d7c5edf4 featured

I have no problem admitting that I need a reminder every now and then. I wouldn’t so much say that I am forgetful, but having a little note letting me that I need to do something or I should remember something is always welcome. That’s why I love Emily Ratajkowski’s Instagram account because it’s such a wonderful reminder of how unbelievable hot Emily Ratajkowski truly is. ... read more

Site Update: Our New Media Experience Has Launched! Alex b13cd037 featured

Let us know know what you think!... read more

Skin Links 8.26.16 Sl82616 8716aa9b featured

It's impossible for Mr. Skin to be everywhere at once, so sometimes he turns to his friends on the internet to bring you the latest Skin approved stories from around the web! 
Ivanka Trump's runway nip slip Fleshbot
Olympia Valance topless changing on set Taxi Driver Movie
Lais Ribeiro braless in see through top The Nip Slip
Bianca Balti nude for Vogue Russia Drunken Stepfather
Amy Lee Summers gets topless in Malibu Egotastic All Stars
Kylie Page is a naughty girlfriend Boobie Blog (header image)
Karlie Kloss in a bikini Last Men on Earth
Suicide Squad cast greets fans in Tokyo Double Viking
Sometimes you just want to wear jewelry and nothing else Steakwood... read more

Movie Nudity Report: Hands of Stone and Where to See This Weekend's Stars Nude 8.26.16 Ana de armas header a5ed0708 featured

Whether you're in the mood for a late summer boxing pic, or have other films on your must-see list this weekend, we've got you covered!... read more

Blog Roundup: Hottest Babes at the Beach Spl1317537 001 ad9b65c8 web e0fe7d59 featured

Thanks to you, aquarules1, for the idea. ... read more

Ana de Armas' Instagram Is Full Of Sexy Pictures Ada3 f01ee62a featured

The following things will never happen: aliens from another planet will never land on earth, that one friend we all have who is “never wrong” about anything will never admit they’re wrong, and Ana de Armas will never post a bad Instagram picture. ... read more

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