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Way Too Much Sexiness Going On In These Chrissy Teigen Pics Spl1324455 024 00129701 featured

Chrissy Teigen eating an ice cream with no bra on. Chrissy Teigen eating an ice cream with no bra on.... read more

Skinstant Video Selections: Marcella, Storytelling, Maniac, and More 7.27.16 Megan duffy topless 23ff4cfc featured

As July comes to a close, we've got six skinsational streaming options for you to beat the heat—and your meat!... read more

Retired Porn Star John Lawrence Has a Secret for Male Enhancement Mia aad29c1c featured

It's not the size of the ship OR the motion of the ocean - it's how hard the hull is. ... read more

Selena Gomez In A Bikini Is A Real Summer Treat Sg 68b669e6 featured

If you ask me, the perfect summer food is key lime pie. Don’t know what it is, but the only time of year that I want nothing more than a slice of key lime pie is when the days are hot and long. But coming in a very close second is the push-pop, but that’s all because of Selena Gomez. ... read more

Skin Links 7.26.16 Sl72616 5bfc746d featured

It's impossible for Mr. Skin to be everywhere at once, so sometimes he turns to his friends on the internet to bring you the latest Skin approved stories from around the web! 
Trillium keeps it quiet and hot over at Only Teen Blowjobs Fleshbot
Nina Agdal braless in a see-through mesh top Taxi Driver Movie
Charli XCX did a hot performance in a silver bikini top The Nip Slip
Alexis Ren is working it Drunken Stepfather
Louise Mikkelsen topless beach peeks Egotastic All Stars
Lily Ivy getting naked with a book Boobie Blog
Sofia Richie goes yachting Last Men on Earth
Maitland Ward Comic Con Cosplay Gallery Double Viking
You're gonna want to see Nicole Scherzinger twerk Steakwood
... read more

Double Lea Michele Is Double Sexy Lm1 e5caf80f featured

Double vision can be caused by a whole number of very serious injuries: aneurysms, strokes, trauma (head injury), and brain swelling. If someone is experiencing double vision, they should instantly seek medical attention. Unless they are seeing double sexy Lea Michele cleavage, that’s just Instagram. ... read more

SKINcoming on DVD & Blu-ray: Hardcore Henry, Strip Nude for Your Killer, and More! 7.26.16 Femi benussi full frontal 3a429dc7 featured

An early 2016 release and a bunch of remastered classics are sure to help you beat the heat... and your meat!... read more

Does Britney Spears Always Show A Little Ass When Working Out? Bs e11ad8d8 featured

Personally, I’ve never been a fan of the treadmill. Not that it isn’t an effective piece of equipment, but I never liked the idea of running for hours and still being in the same place. Also, there isn’t much to look at when you’re on a treadmill. Now, if I was on a treadmill with this view of Britney Spears, I think I’d never stop running. ... read more

Episode 3 of the Mr. Skin Podcast is Live! Mrskinpodcast eb49585f featured

Our favorite part of Tuesday mornings! ... read more

Top Ten 'Bourne' Actresses Vikander ex machina 763966 infobox e34e8c72 featured

Time to jostle your MAMory! This weekend marks the release of the fifth Bourne movie, titled Jason Bourne, with Julia Stiles reprising her role as Nicky and franchise newcomer Alicia Vikander joining in on the CIA shenanigans. You'll be like a dog Jason your tail when you see all of the sexiest actresses who have appeared in the highly successful franchise! ... read more

The New "Wonder Woman" Trailer Is Awesome For Many Reasons Cn zztuxyaawzgd b50e34a4 featured

I will openly admit that I’ve got a bit of summer blockbuster fatigue. There are so many superhero, alien, and general "blowing stuff up" summer movies that I find myself looking forward to a small, no budget film about small towns and farming. But I will also admit the new Wonder Woman trailer got me super excited about next summer's blockbuster.... read more

Sofia Vergara Redefines "Another Day At The Office" Sv ce7c4bb0 featured

Another day at the office for many us might mean sitting at a desk for a few hours, shuffling paper work, getting coffee; you know, pretty boring, run of the mill activities. But could you imagine if “another day at the office” meant Sofia Vergara in lingerie? Yeah, I can’t either. ... read more

Amber Valletta Is Always Hot Spl1322848 002 5cabe1a5 featured

We’ve all seen those “celebrities without make-up” posts that flood our social media feeds. And if you’ve ever clicked on, you know the heartbreak that follows. But, do you ever wonder why they don’t do a feed of celebrities who look hot all the time? Because I can name a few, and one who would be at the top of my list is Amber Valletta.

... read more

TV Nudity Report: Power, Ray Donovan, The Night Of, Day 5, Outcast, and Fleabag 7.25.16 Screen shot 2016 07 25 at 8 50 52 am a463db76 featured

It was a veritable smorgasbord of nudity this week, bringing plenty of boobs to the boob tube!... read more

Battle of the Babes: Rachel Weisz vs. Carla Gugino Battle of the babes rw cg 7ae409b8 featured

Ageless stunners Rachel Weisz and Carla Gugino are often compared to each other as celebrity lookalikes, and as Mr. Skin Haoo of Famers, aren't afraid to show off their large racks and amazing bodies! ... read more

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