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Fast Forwarding to the Good Parts of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Fantasybra 7b1f2076 featured

An hour-long lingerie parade, SparkNotes edition. ... read more

Exxxtrasmall's Sale: Pint-Sized Performers and a Larger Than Life Deal Main image 2315d127 featured

Check out your favorite petite performers for an equally tiny price. ... read more

The Great Mr. Skin Screen Cap Challenge 12.6.2016 Mastrantonio the january man 774458 infobox 0d80e0c6 featured

Welcome to the Great Mr. Skin Screen Cap Challenge! We'll post a portion of a screen cap from one of the many skintastic movies on, and it's up to you to guess where it comes from. Hints will be begrudgingly handed out if completely necessary. Good luck!... read more

What Can One Say About Morena Baccarin's Hotness? Majpgjxx c26b3e01 featured

No Words Will Ever Really Describe Morena Baccarin's Hotness... read more

Skin Links 12.6.16 Sl12616 afbb0356 featured

It's impossible for Mr. Skin to be everywhere at once, so sometimes he turns to his friends on the internet to bring you the latest Skin approved stories from around the web! 
Top Ten Holiday Movie Hotties Fleshbot
Lottie Moss nipple pasties on the red carpet Taxi Driver Movie
Chelsea Leyland topless at the beach The Nip Slip
Jojo Levesque in a see-through shirt Drunken Stepfather
Sabine Jemeljanova naked hottie in bed (header image) Egotastic All Stars
Jazz Reilly gets frisky at Margaritaville Boobie Blog
Ashley Smith barely covered Last Men on Earth
Dorkgasm: Our writers share their geekiest love stories Double Viking... read more

SKINcoming on DVD & Blu-ray: Trash Fire, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, and More! 12.6.16 Mary demas topless 6cae69a6 featured

Two remastered classics, a new release, and a TV series are steaming up the first week of December on home video!... read more

Anne Hathaway Oozes Class And Sexiness Spl1403595 007 f0402b57 featured

Never Has Oozing Been Sexier... read more

Time To Play I Spy: Alice Eve Cleavage Edition Screen shot 2016 12 05 at 6 58 08 am 1dd1e3e8 featured

No Matter How Far Away, I Will Always Love Alice Eve's Cleavage... read more

Jennifer Lawrence's Hotness Defies Logic Spl1402583 009 f1e7c03c featured

Then Again, Who Cares About Logic When It Comes To Jennifer Lawrence... read more

Maisie Williams Soaked Thong And Side Boob? Um Yeah Maisie williams shirtless nude copy 3c383b12 featured

Miasie Williams visited Japan to speak out against dolphin hunting, but you'll be the one with a blowhole when you see her insanely sexy topless picture! ... read more

One Membership Gets You Access to All Your Favorite Pornstars' Personal Sites! 14797 dillionharper 026 a9028a84 featured

Cherry Pimps lets you make your life a little easier (and your wallet a little fatter) by offering you access to a plethora of pornstars' membership sites! ... read more

TV Nudity Report: Westworld, Close to the Enemy, Chelsea, Victor Ros 12.5.16 Ingrid bols  berdal topless 2a6a155c featured

Westworld's first season goes out on a high note while we get some spectacular skin from some very unexpected places!... read more

Lupita Tovar, Part 3 : From Nazis to Now Lupita tovar second part photo 23 2589dbda featured

When we last left Spanish Drácula lovely Lupita Tovar, a fat female German warden was driving her Nazi by threatening to “look in my ass” during a 1935 strip search. ... read more

Lupita Tovar, Part 2 : See Dracula's Dusky Damsel 'Sink Her Teeth Into' Life! Lupita tovar second part photo 06 ba0d2641 featured

“It was a terrific success and it made it lot of money,” Mexican spitfire Lupita Tovar enthused about the Spanish-language version of Drácula that she made at age 20.... read more

'Thanks' for 'Giving' Us Luscious Lupita Tovar! Lupita tovar photo 08 9abb95b6 featured

“It’s tempting to elevate the Spanish version of Drácula over the original,” film critic Paul Boyne reflected in September 2015, “because the story behind it is so fascinating. The producer, Paul Kohner, was in love with the Mexican actress Lupita Tovar, and campaigned to give her more roles in Hollywood.”... read more

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