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Winter's Bone

Winter's Bone (2010)

No Nudity

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A courageous teenager must find her deadbeat dad or lose the family farm in Winter's Bone (2010). Jennifer Lawrence was nominated for an Oscar for her performance as 17-year-old Ree, a teen struggling to keep her family together in the impoverished rural Ozarks. Her mother suffers from catatonic depression and rarely gets out of bed; her father is a known meth cook and drug dealer. When the local sheriff arrives on Ree's doorstep and informs her that her father has put their house up as collateral for his bail, and if he doesn't show up for his court date the following week, Ree and the rest of the children will be homeless, she has no choice but to find him. But she will encounter much resistance on her quest, not least from her own family. This movie won't do much to end a long, skin-free winter for Jennifer Lawrence fans, but a precious peek at her buttcrack in the special features foretells the nude awakening to come. She'll give you a Winter's Boner!