Happy June 12th everybody! Nationally recognized as Loving Day, June 12th is the anniversary of the historic court decision that legalized interracial marriage. Named after the courageous couple Richard and Mildred Loving, whose home state didn’t recognize their nuptials and tried to jail them in 1967, the holiday is now a global day of visibility, education, and community!

It’s also the perfect day to highlight some of our favorite interracial sex scenes, of which there are many! We love all bare bodies no matter the color, and when they’re putting aside their differences to do each other six ways from Sunday - that’s even better!

Shanola Hampton Nude in Shameless

One of our favorite interracial couples to watch is Shanola Hampton and Steve Howey from Shameless. Their relationship was one of the most sex-positive pairings on television, treating audiences to several hot humping scenes over the show’s eleven seasons that involved everything from kinky roleplay to gleesome threesomes.


Blessing Adedijo Nude in The Voyeurs

According to IMDb, one of the most popular scenes is from the 2021 thriller, The Voyeurs. Blessing Adedijo gives costar Sydney Sweeney’s mounds a run for their money when she blesses us with her beautiful breasts.


Anne Coesens Nude in Le secret

The site also lists the 2000 drama Le secret as one of the top films with interracial sex, and it’s pretty obvious why! The secret isn’t the only thing that’s out - so are Anne Coesens’ boobs, butt, and bush! She spreads her legs for a real tongue bath from the Candyman himself, Tony Todd. Watch it five times and you’ll be the one coming!


Janet Wood Nude and Linda Sue Ragsdale Nude Lesbian Sex Scene in Up!

Our vote for most interesting interracial sex scene goes to the dynamic duo of Janet Wood and Linda Sue Ragsdale in 1976’s Up! It’s got everything - two naked lesbians, a huge strap-on, and a picturesque view!


Want more? We ranked ten more amazing sex scenes, including ones from The Deuce, The Kids Are All Right, and the mother of them all, Halle Berry nude in Monster’s Ball.