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Nude Roles: 2

Birthplace: Charleston, South Carolina, US

Date of Birth: 05/27/77

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Shameless (2011-2021) Sexy, lesbian, sexy
Shameless (2011-2021) Nude, breasts Ep. 05x11 | 00:31:40 A brief look at Shanola's suck sacks as she gets pounded on a pool table! (29 secs)
Shameless (2011-2021) Nude, breasts Ep. 01x02 | 00:18:54 Amazing, choco-nipply boobage from this babe as she irons, topless. You'll know tit from Shanola! (31 secs)
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Shanola Hampton is an acclaimed actress and all-time Mr. Skin favorite for her role as Veronica Fisher on the flesh-drenched Showtime series, Shameless — which is also, not co-skin-cidentally, where you can see Shanola Hampton nude. After her debut alongside Markie Post in the 2001 TV short Electra Woman and Dyna Girl, University-trained actress Shanola Hampton started appearing on shows like Popular, Reba, Scrubs, Related, and Miami Medical. All her experience on the small screen finally paid off (for us) when she landed her signature part of kinky, openly and actively bisexual Veronica Fisher on Shameless. Among her many, many naked exposures on Shameless, we've seen her naked Shanola Hampton tits and ass while she's doing dudes in every imaginable position, as well as practicing BDSM, pegging a lucky guy's happily prone keister and having naked, explicit lesbian sex with hefty-breasted Isidora Goreshter nude. Shamless is one of the all-time classic shows for explicit celebrity nudity and sex scenes, and Shanola Hampton nude in Shameless is also why it ranks among the very hottest. Reflecting on how she came (and came and came and then also made us come and come) to co-star on Shameless, Shanola Hampton told Elite magazine, "I felt there weren’t many characters like Veronica on television. The script itself is unique and original and that’s what attracted me to it. I was so excited to be a part of this movement on cable TV, taking risks and thinking outside the box. I finally had a juicy, juicy script.” As Shanola Hampton nude proves time and again on Shameless, she's got juicy, juicy everything!


Things Never Said (2013) - as Kalindra Stepney

TV Shows

Shameless (2011-2021) - as Veronica Fisher

Nude, breasts Ep. 03x01 Tit from Shanola as she performs a skinterracial sex show for her webcam. Now if she'd just show her deep south! (23 secs)
Nude, breasts Ep. 03x04 Shanola gives us some great looks at her breasts as she is riding her guy in bed, then we get more looks as she sits upside down on the floor to help the baby-making process. (1 min 12 secs)
Nude, breasts Ep. 03x04 Shanola shows off her rack once again while banging her guy in bed. (30 secs)
Nude, breasts Ep. 03x09 We get to see Shanola's outstanding rack as she is wearing a sexy nurse's outfit, filming a "gimp porn" scene with her boyfriend. (18 secs)
Nude, breasts Ep. 05x01 | 00:11:30 Shanola struggles to breastfeed some babies, giving us some brief looks at her exposed breast! (1 min 40 secs)
Nude, breasts, underwear Ep. 05x01 | 00:21:00 Shanola strips down to give her man a beej, but her guy can't get it up. At least we get to enjoy some Shanola suckers. (1 min 42 secs)
Nude (Isidora Goreshter) , lesbian, sexy, underwear, breasts Ep. 06x11 | 00:25:00 Isidora strips off her top and climbs into bed with Shanola, giving us a nice look at her breasts! (42 secs)
Nude, breasts Ep. 07x07 | 00:49:05 Isidora goes down on Shanola under the covers while Kevin plays with Shanola's nipples! Isidora then pops out from under the covers, revealing her rack! (53 secs)
Nude, breasts Ep. 07x11 | 00:50:35 Shanola strips off her robe, revealing her amazing rack, before she goes down on Steve Howey! (40 secs)
Nude, breasts Ep. 01x01 | 00:01:32 Shanola quickly gives us a look at both breasts while having some rough sex with her guy. (7 secs)
Nude, breasts Ep. 01x02 | 00:18:54 Amazing, choco-nipply boobage from this babe as she irons, topless. You'll know tit from Shanola! (31 secs)
Nude, breasts Ep. 01x04 | 00:05:18 Shanola gives us a look at her rack as she rides her boyfriend in bed. (20 secs)
Nude, breasts Ep. 01x05 Shanola is topless while lounging in bed with her boyfriend, talking about whether they should get married or not. (1 min 10 secs)
Nude, breasts Ep. 03x06 Shanola briefly shows her right breast while trying to arouse her guy. (16 secs)
Nude, breasts, sexy Ep. 05x01 | 00:48:00 Shanola comes home to find her hubby asleep with the kids. She puts her boobs on ice, and cracks open a brew. (56 secs)
Nude, breasts, lesbian, sexy, underwear Ep. 05x08 | 00:24:04 Shanola's nips are visible as a woman pulls down her bra while going down on her! (50 secs)
Nude, breasts Ep. 05x11 | 00:31:40 A brief look at Shanola's suck sacks as she gets pounded on a pool table! (29 secs)
Nude (Isidora Goreshter) , lesbian, breasts Ep. 06x11 | 00:06:54 A quick nipslip from Isidora when she and Shanola are interrupted in bed! (28 secs)
Nude (Shanola Hampton) , sexy, underwear, breasts, bush Ep. 07x03 | 00:28:04 Shanola and Isidora perform for some old coot wearing sexy lingerie and pasties! (22 secs)
Nude, breasts Ep. 07x03 | 00:45:48 A nice overhead shot of Shanola's shakers as she showers! (13 secs)
Nude, breasts, underwear Ep. 01x09 | 00:00:02 Shanola Hampton strips down to show her amazing rack! (27 secs)
Nude, breasts, sexy Ep. 08x07 | 00:52:59 Some nice but dimly lit looks at Shanola's shakers as Steve Howey bangs her from behind! (21 secs)
Nude, underwear, breasts Ep. 01x02 | 00:15:38 Shanola does a cam show and her right nip slips out of her bra as she uses a spray bottle! (16 secs)
Nude (Isidora Goreshter) , sexy, underwear, butt Ep. 06x12 | 00:06:33 A quick flash of ass from Isidora and plenty of cleavage from Shanola as they wake up in bed with Steve Howey and a bunch of dildos! (52 secs)

Miami Medical (2010) - as Nurse Graceffa

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