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VooDoo (2016)

Brief Nudity

(0:10) Ruth Reynolds in the pool in her bikini. Samantha Stewart sitting poolside cross-legged in her bikini next to Nicole DeMaria & Courteney Winter in their bikinis (and two guys shirtless in the pool.) About a three-minute unbroken shot.
(0:27) Samantha Stewart in a bikini top coming back from the water at the beach. Ruth Reynolds in a full bikini running into the water. Both are then lying on the beach.
(0:58) After a ton of demon terrorizing, Samantha Stewart is now showing a bit more of her bra as her shirt is moved around more.
(1:00) PREGNANT WOMEN has her baby removed and we see some upskirt as she struggles. (This is either Marina Adamonis or Tia Bean.)
(1:12) Samantha Stewart is bent over a table and stripped naked.  We see some nice prssed boobs and some upper buns as well as she is screwed from behind.
(1:14) After the devil has stopped Samantha Stewart moves off the table and we see her breasts as she collapses to the ground. After about a minute she pulls her pants up and then puts her tanktop back on.
(1:16) Some peekdown cleavage on Samantha Stewart as she crawls towards the camera.


Samantha Stewart

Nude - as Dani LambSexy, bikini, breasts, butt

Ruth Reynolds

Sexy - as Stacy Colebikini

Nicole DeMaria

Sexy - as Kerribikini

Courteney Winter

Sexy - as Portiabikini

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