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Vanessa Redgrave, unlike her hooker-playing sister Lynn Redgrave, didn't wait until she was eligible for her pension to peel for the camera. Of course, she has had quite the acting career, like her sib, and thankfully passed on her incredible features (read: "perky tits") to her hot daughters Joely Richardson and Natasha Richardson. She has made her career out of memorable performances in Blowup (1966) (which was also her skin debut), Morgan! (1966) (for which she was nominated for the Best Actress Oscar), Isadora (1968), Mary, Queen of Scots (1971) (another Oscar nod), and Julia (1977) (for which she finally snared the statuette). As mentioned before, Vanessa has offered up some tantalizing glimpses of her hootage, from a brief shot in Isadora to some more brief-but-steamy looks in Steaming (1985). Most of the time she is nude onscreen, though, Vanessa tends to be pointing the important parts away from Mr. Camera, as she did in Steaming, Orpheus Descending (1990) and Un Tranquilo posto di campagna (1969). No matter, we would be just as happy looking at her high-rise ass as we would her itty bitties.

Blow-Up Nude - as Jane
Nude, breasts 00:52:00 Don't blink! Not once, but twice, Lady Redgrave's nipply-do-dahs peek out at the bottom of the screen . . . (1 min 17 secs)
Yanks Nude - as Helen
Nude, breasts, butt 01:25:00 As the glamorous Ms. Redgrave loses her robe and slips naked into bed (naughty!), she bestows upon us, the viewers, her luscious left lung-pillow (as seen from behind) and some dark bunnage. (13 secs)
Out of Season Nude - as Ann
Nude, breasts 00:37:00 Quick look at Vanessa's bongos as she puts her nightgown on. (11 secs)
Steaming Nude - as Nancy
Nude, breasts, bush, butt 01:30:20 Patti, Sarah, Vanessa, Felicity, and Sally go fully nude in the bathhouse, with all five ladies baring all three Bs! (2 mins 23 secs)
Isadora Nude - as Isadora Duncan
Nude, breasts, butt, bush 00:39:00 Vanessa's dances around totally nude, annoying her boyfriend as he tries to paint (what's his problem?). It's pretty dark, but you can make out all three B's. (50 secs)
Nude, breasts 02:06:13 Very brief breasts when she rips off her top while performing ballet on stage. Nice tutus! (39 secs)

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