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Titans (2018-2021)

Brief Nudity

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While you might be more familiar with the longrunning animated kid's cartoons Teen Titans Go! and Teen Titans, there's a gritty take on the same characters tearing up TV screens. HBO Max's Titans follows Batman's first Robin, Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) as he gets the once broken up team back together, while adopting his new person of Nightwing. Joining him are the bubbly, solar powered alien Starfire (Anna Diop), the gothic half demon empath Raven (Teagan Croft), the shapeshifter Beast Boy (Ryan Potter), and a whole bunch of other superpowered youngsters who battle against famous DC supervillians like Deathstroke and The Scarecrow. Speaking of stroking, it's the tits that make this version of the titans so watchable. While the young heroes have to take justice into their own hands, we'd love to take Elastigirl herself, April Bowlby into our own hands after we see her wear a very low-cut red dress. Our eyes are drawn straight to her bosom, since her cleavage is truly super and has the power to seduce men all over the world! Wonder Woman's sidekick Wonder Girl (Conor Leslie) strips down to a black bra and has us seriously wondering what's underneath, while Blackfire (Damaris Lewis) looks amazing riding on top of some dude, even if we can't see anything good. But it's not just skimpy costumes, there's real nudity on the show. Minka Kelly might use a body double, but Katie Buitendyk's top notch titties are the real deal. Ditto Devoshia Cooper and Jennifer Krukowski, who do some sexy, topless dancing in a hotel. Add to that all the burlesque dancers and random bra wearing women all over the place, and the rumors about Robin's relationship with the Dark Knight are either going to be disproven or shown to be correct. Thanks to all the looks at gorgeous women, this is the Titans we remember!