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The Time Machine

The Time Machine (2002)

No Nudity

Top Scene


The Time Machine (2002) is another adaptation of the H.G. Wells’ novel about a 19th century inventor, this time played by Guy Pearce, who hopes to alter the events of the past, but mistakenly travels 800,000 years into the future. Whoops. There he discovers humankind is divided into two warring races, the surface dwellers living in a paradise maintained by the subterranean masses. Sound familiar? There are also monsters and Jeremy Irons. Scary. To further freak you out, the movie is directed by the great grandson of the author, Simon Wells. But enough with the weirdness, let’s move on to the skin-ness at hand. Will you be putting hand to penis watching this? That, of course, is up to you. There is Samantha Mumba who wears a semitransparent top, but you never really see anything more than the outline of her boobs.