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The State Within

The State Within (2006)

Brief Nudity

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The State Within (2006) is a crime drama that lasted six episodes in 2006. This British mini-series follows an Ambassador to Washington who finds himself and his skills texted when a major incident he has to think-on-his-feet to untangle a mess of conflicting interests and international relationships. Worlds collide in this very high-stakes political world where manipulation is around every turn and information is the key to holding and handling power. So who can our leading ambassador trust? You'll have to watch to find out! The good news is that you don't have to watch the entire mini-series to find out if someone gets sexy. We've watched all six episodes for you to find that out and we are about to share our findings. The diagnosis? This isn't just a political drama. Don't worry there's some skinsual relief! We love drama and tension as much as the next viewer, but we also love a beautiful babe to watch. Who doesn't? That's why you're here, after all. There is one sex scene that will give you a mouthwatering and pants-watering experience. In a very dimly-lit scene, the admirable and sensualĀ Eva Birthistle plays Jane Lavery who takes off her shirt to show off her beautiful lingerie. We can see her black bra as she presents herself to her man. They get busy, but it's too dark to show much more than her bra. The State Within doesn't take us much further within her clothes.