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The Saint

The Saint (1997)

No Nudity

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Based on a character who's been around forever in boatloads of books, mucho movies, and even a TV show starring Roger Moore, The Saint (1997) stars Val Kilmer as ever-popular superspy Simon Templar. Val's a globe-trotting go-getter with a gift for disguise and a fondness for taking the names of unsung saints; he hires himself out to the highest bidder and does all kinds of thieving, conniving, and spying, always with the utmost class. Now he's been hired by Russian politician Rade Serbedzija to steal the formula for cold fusion from Elisabeth Shue, the exquisite egghead behind the earth-shaking find that will change the future of mankind. It all goes fine until Val finds himself falling for the gal and questioning the motives of the Moscow politico. Does he obey the madman or try to get his hands on Elisabeth's increasingly endangered mammary glands?