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The Real L Word (2010-2012)

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The Real L Word (2010) is a nine-episode series about real life lesbians in Los Angeles and their daily lives. These aren't actresses. This is the real deal! It's like Desperate Housewives meets The L Word. One of the starring lesbians is Whitney Mixter who mixes things up by kissing multiple women. Whit wears long dreadlocks and undresses to her bra and panties to make out with Sada Bettencourt in bed - while Rose Garcia and Natalie Hornedo listen. Rose and Natalie get inspired and start making out with each other! Ms. Hornedo will make you horny when one of her nips slips out! Natalie later does a sexy boudoir photo shoot that gives us a lot of cleavage. Taking pictures of that bosom is a smart idea. Whitney's fun doesn't stop there. She also hooks up with Romi Klinger who gets things going in the bedroom by taking off her bra and showing off her little bits on camera. Whitney is a stud for getting all these women, but she's not the only one getting some action. Mikey Koffman and Raquel Castaneda get into a bathtub together to make out amongst the suds. Not all the lesbians are jumping bones. Tracy Ryerson maintains a virginal quality by only showing herself in a bra when she gets ready. A little boy asks her to get out of her bra, revealing that he has a boob obsession. So do we, kid! 


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