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The Morning Show (2019-2023)

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Apple TV brought out the A-listers in 2019, when they debuted their behind the scenes of a not so chipper morning television show drama The Morning Show. Inspired by Matt Lauer's firing after the #MeToo movement unveiled all sorts of sexual harassment claims against him, the show stars Jennifer Aniston as Alex, the longtime host of the hugely successful UBA Network mainstay "The Morning Show," which she has cohosted for decades alongside her male cohost Mitch (Steve Carrell). But Mitch can't keep his hands to himself and isn't afraid to mix work with pleasure, so he ends up canned after a public scandal. That leads the network head (Billy Crudup) to wonder if Alex can do the job by herself, or if they should fire her and start over with a clean slate. Enter Bradley (Reese Witherspoon), a feisty reporter who just went all sorts of viral online, and would provide an instant ratings boost to whatever network pulls the trigger on hiring her. With Alex considering a tell all book that'd spill the beans about all the things she's seen, she has plenty of leverage and won't hesitate to use it if the fellas at UBA think they can push her aside for the adorable blonde the internet fell in love with! We were mourning the missed skin opportunities that three seasons worth of The Morning Show provided, that is until Jennifer gave us some morning wood when she let her right breast break loose during a steamy sex scene with Jon Hamm in the middle of season 3. Reese shows her perky Reese C cups in a black bra before making out with Julianna Margulies. Valeria Golino rolls around on a bed showing some cleavage, while Bel Powley shows her bod in some Daisy Dukes while getting felt up by a lucky dude. Gug Mbath-Raw shows her panties as Steve Carrell takes off her pants, Karen Pittman shows her busty bra wearing body, and even Adina Porter has a scene showing some cleavage when she's awoken in bed by Aniston's desperate phone call. If morning show hosts were as hot as these ladies, we'd gooze to that cooze, but never hit our alarm's snooze!