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The King

The King (2020)

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The King (2020) is a Polish TV series that is also known as "Król" in its native Polish language. This gangster crime drama takes place in Warsaw in 1937 in which power, violence, drugs, and lust are the motivations of every single person. The pursuit of power drives local gangsters, as does their need to maintain it no matter what the cost, in this story about the ups and downs of the Polish mafia in Warsaw during World War II. A Jewish gangster and boxer named Jakub Szapiro is our leading man as we watch him get involved in political conspiracies as well as some dirty work that he winds up doing for the mob. How will Jakub and his cohorts fair during the coming Nazi invasion? You will have to watch to find out in this series based on the popular Polish novel by Szczepan Twardoch. Not only that, but there are some very sexy babes in this series. Magdalena Boczarska bares her boobs and buns as Ryfka Kij. She plays a sex worker showing off her goods to a client, including her perfect ass which she proudly shows off to him as she lifts her skirt and turns around. We also get to enjoy Masza Wagracka's breasts as Zosia when she is in bed with her man in two different sex scenes. Finally, Aleksandra Pisula plays Emilia Szapiro and she shows off her domes in one tender sex scene in which her hubby sucks on her nips. These Polish princesses can please your pole!