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The Detour

The Detour (2016-2019)

No Nudity

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TBS' four season lasting dark comedy The Detour debuted in 2016 with a plot that, on its face, seems a bit Vacation-esque. On the show, a dysfunctional family of four hits the road on their way outta Dodge and gets into a plethora of messes on the way. This TV show's plot takes a different turn, though, thanks to creators Jason Jones and Samantha Bee. Jones plays our protagonist Nate, who's recently been fired and is now evading the feds under the guise of a family vacation to Florida, while Natalie Zea plays Robin, his wife. Their twins Jared (Liam Carroll) and Delilah (Ashley Gerasimovich) join them on their antics, which include (but are not limited to) strip clubs, corrupt bed and breakfasts, and lots of weed. By season two the gang are fleeing to The Big Apple with none other than the United States Postal Service in hot pursuit. Season three sees the fam move to Alaska and embrace the rural life, while season four goes international with overseas trips to places like New Zealand and Japan. Known for its very far from PC humor that largely revolved around our criminal parents trying to raise their kids as best as they can, there was a lot of sexiness but no real nudity on this sort of tamer version of Showtime's Shameless. One of the season one mishaps included some blurred upskirt action from Daniella Pineda when she takes a drunken tumble. Which reminds us—who invented underwear and why? We can also blame that person for the shot of Laura Benanti's blue panties when she falls down trying to ice skate. Ava Janzem tried to jam them big jugs of hers into a black bra while she stars on a weird show within a show that looks a whole lot like a porno. Sharon Blynn, on the other hand is the star of a porno that Nate's about to jerk it to, just before he realizes that it's a cancer themed one. It must not be breast cancer, since her cans look non-metastic just fantastic in her bondage gear. Katie Gunderson's a pink bra wearing stripper at one point, Jenn Ghotani shows off her bikini bod, Briana Skye plays an erotic Asian temptress, and more. Even Natalie Zea showed off zee bod in a bra and thong. Mr. Skin wants to tear that ass up after watching The Detour.