A former competitive gymnast and dancer at the international level, fresh-faced Texas beauty Teagan Presley (Picture-1-2) started doing porn at age 19 and quickly became a phenomenon, appearing in movies like Anal Prostitutes on Video 1 (2004) and Cum in My Ass Not in My Mouth 2 (2004). Teagan has also appeared on the hit HBO series Entourage (Picture-1), The Howard Stern Show (Picture-), and in the blockbuster comedy Superbad (Picture-1) (2007). In 2007 Teagan had new breast implants put in and auctioned off the old ones on eBay. Recently Teagan sat down with our own Maximilian Mueller to discuss dog bites, old movies, and her new policy of exclusive onscreen lesbianism.

Tell us about the experience of being on Howard Sternwith Cytherea (Picture-1) in 2004.

The experience of going on Howard Stern was a great one. He was very nice to me and actually even thought that my boobs were real, but then I had to tell him that they weren't. I wish they were naturally that big. I can't wait to go on the show again; I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it won't be too long from now.

You’ve appeared in Entourage, Superbad, and the R-rated Pirates. Do you have plans to do more non-hardcore projects? And if so, what kind?

I'd love to do more non-hardcore projects. I'm open to whatever comes my way.

You’ve recently decided to stop doing boy-girl scenes. Why?

I've spent five years doing boy-girl scenes, and I wanted to be more committed to my personal life, so I had decided that it was the right time to do something different.

What was behind your decision to remove your breast implants and put them up for auction on eBay?

I was having surgery anyways to have my breast implants replaced, and rather than have them thrown away why not just sell them and have some of the proceeds go to charity?

Tell us about your relationship with Jesse Jane (Picture-1).

I've worked side by side with Jesse Jane for the past three years when I was under contract with Digital Playground, and we have become good friends in the process. She's so much fun to go party with when there are awards shows. I just recently hung out with her when she came to feature dance at the Pink Pony here in Atlanta, Georgia.

What was the first non-adult movie nude scene you remember seeing? Is there a funny story attached to that?

I honestly can't even remember the first non-adult movie nude scene that I had seen. When I was younger I used to watch the softcore movies that were on the movie channels, but that's basically the only thing I remember.

Besides Angelina Jolie (Picture-1), who do you think are the three sexiest women working in Hollywood today and why?

I think the three sexiest women working in Hollywood today are Eva Longoria, because I love women that are petite and she has a great fashion sense; Heidi Klum (Picture-), because even though she's had children she's still sexy as hell and in great shape; and I don't think I have a third because it would be Angelina Jolie for her strong will and her sense of self to go and do anything.

Excluding Marilyn Monroe (Picture-1), who do you think are the three sexiest Hollywood actresses from previous eras? Why?

To be honest with you, I don’t really have time to watch older movies, but of course I do think some of the older pin-ups like Bettie Page (Picture-1-2) and Brigitte Bardot (Picture-1-2) were hot for their time.

If they were making a movie of your life so far, who would you like to play you?

No one else can play Teagan but Teagan! There are a ton of other Presleys in the adult business, but there’s only one Teagan, and I want to play myself when Hollywood comes around to making a movie about my life . . . this could happen soon because Hollywood is all out of original ideas!

If you were going to portray a famous actress in her life story, who would you like to portray?

Barbara Bush in the upcoming W. biopic! No, I’m teasing. Hmmmm, maybe I should be Jenna Jameson (Picture-1-2) in the rumored movie about her life? I heard a rumor that Scarlett Johansson (Picture-) is gonna do that, but I think it should be my next gig!

According to your Wikipedia entry, you were once bitten by a dog. Is there a story behind that that you can tell?

I was fourteen and I was passing out flyers in my neighborhood; a big ass dog bit my right wrist and took the skin to the bone. I got a small settlement out of it. Nothing to write home about, but the bite definitely hurt and kind of traumatized me against big dogs. Strange, because now I have a 200 pound Rottweiler in my house who is a big baby!

What’s next for Teagan?

I am striving hard to become a Penthouse Pet sometime in the next year. I did a test shoot in L.A. in early August, and I should know soon. Keep your fingers crossed. As far as the adult scene, I am hoping to direct my own movie soon, and I want to be the biggest girl-on-girl adult star there is, and I do think there is room for me now that Janine is retired. I am also going to start doing a good amount of regular modeling, and you might even see a Teagan reality show sometime in the near future ?