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Jill C. Nelson: The Mr. Skin Skinterview 10113 web

Jill C. Nelson knows her smut. As the co-author of John Holmes: A Life in Inches, (now in its 2nd Edition and available on Amazon.com) she's rubbed down every aspect of legendary porn star John Holmes' life and career- and trust us, that's a lot of rubbing.
Now Jill's working on a new XXX opus, Golden Goddesses: 25 Legendary Women of Erotic Films, 1968-1985, for which she's (sk)interviewed the likes of Marilyn Chambers, Veronica Hart, Juliet Anderson, Georgina Spelvin, and many more.

So we've decided to turn the tables on Jill and find out what makes a historian of hardcore tick- and where she scored those obscure 8mm porn loops.

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Bob Chinn Talks to Mr. Skin about His New Johnny Wadd Novels 8022 web

Flesh of the Lotus. The Jade Pussycat. Little Orphan Dusty. The Candy Stripers. Blonde Fire.

If you’ve given yourself a one-handed workout to any of these films, you have Bob Chinn to thank. This AVN and XCRO Hall-of-Famer (and UCLA film school graduate) directed 51 X-rated titles between 1970 and 1987, and returned for 17 more between 1999 and 2003, bringing his total up to a whopping 68 blue movies.

Bob Chinn made a major leap forward in the development of smut by creating the enormously successful Johnny Wadd series. Johnny Wadd not only made John Holmes a legend, but it changed the game by introducing recurring characters, solid production values, and solid story lines to adult filmmaking. Now Bob is applying his filthy imagination to a series of Johnny Wadd novels, where he fleshes out ideas for the Johnny Wadd films that never were. We talk with Bob about his work on Johnny Wadd past, present, and future after the jump!... read more

X-Rated Remembrances of Porn Legend Marilyn Chambers 5676 web

A Tender Moment

“A new star graces that firmament we can’t quite reach,” porn star Georgina Spelvin wrote in response to the news of her friend, 56-year-old porn legend Marilyn Chambers, nude in dozens of movies, who died Easter Sunday.

It takes a special kind of lady to make a box of soap dirty. And that lady was the one and only Golden Age porn star Marilyn Chambers, formerly the face of Ivory Soap and later the star of the X-rated classic Behind the Green Door and David Cronenberg’s fright flick Rabid.

When the wholesome, spokesmodel-esque Marilyn walked into the audition for the 1972 flesh-flick Behind the Green Door, she had already acted in the Barbara Streisand comedy The Owl and the Pussycat and the skin-filled 1971 hippie movie Together, directed by Friday the 13th’s Sean S. Cunningham.

Originally, she was to have a non-sex role in Green Door, but the Mitchell Brothers, who directed the movie and were later the subject of the biopic Rated X, talked her into doing her first hardcore scenes, leading to a career of sizzling, taboo-busting, on-screen sex acts.

And she never looked back (unless it was to reach for more lube).

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Jennifer Sugar and Jill Nelson: The Mr. Skin Interview 3540 featured

By C.G. Hilliard

College student Jennifer Sugar and hearing equipment specialist Jill Nelson, neither with any knowledge of the porn industry or any experience writing professionally, met on an Internet message board and collaborated to write John Holmes: A Life Measured in Inches.

Since its publication this year, the book, which also serves as an oral history of the Golden Age of porn, has become regarded as the definitive biography of adult cinema’s most famous leading man. Recently, they took time out to talk to C.G. Hilliard about their story.
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Bob Chinn: The Mr. Skin Interview 2675 featured

Many people are familiar with the story of Bob Chinn without being aware of the fact due to Burt Reynolds’s Oscar-nominated performance as Jack Horner in Boogie Nights, as the character was loosely based on Chinn. Chinn began making adult movies in the early 1970s and retired in the late 1980s, only to return for a brief period in the late 1990s and early 2000s. He is best known for the Johnny Wadd films he made with the legendary performer John Holmes. In the enormously popular series, Holmes portrays a private detective who solves crimes in between servicing women with his mighty meat sword. On September 23, 2008, VCX released the original Johnny Wadd, taken from a pristine print, for the first time on DVD. Recently Mr. Chinn took some time out to discuss his movies and life with Mr Skin’s C.G. Hilliard.
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The Lost Classic of 70s XXX Super-Stud John Holmes Returns to the Screen 1123 web

Long Lost John Holmes Movie Johnny Wad to Get DVD Release

The late John Holmes, the real life inspiration for the character of Dirk Diggler in Boogie Nights, is about to get a rebirth on DVD thanks to venerable porn company VCX, according to the adult news site AVN.com.

Johnny Wadd, the first in a series of movies mixing sex and violence that star the famously well-endowed Holmes as a hardboiled detective named Johnny Wadd, has never been released officially on VHS or DVD, but a well-preserved print recently discovered in a storage locker has made an official release possible.

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