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A SKIN-depth Look at the Sex and Nudity of the National Lampoon's Theatrical Features Screen shot 2019 03 08 at 2 03 07 pm 56199dcc featured

When the National Lampoon brand moved into the world of movies, they set the standard for a style of anarchic comedy that would come to dominate the 80s: Boob comedies that quickly descended into chaos, like a Marx Brothers movie directed by Russ Meyer.... read more

Skinstant Video Selections: A Clockwork Orange, Colette, Not Another Teen Movie, and More 3.13.19 Screen shot 2019 03 11 at 10 11 06 am 38dd3750 featured

March rolls along with six more skin-filled titles for you to stream as you wait for Spring!... read more

SKINcoming on DVD and Blu-ray: Blu-ray Remasters You May Have Missed 12.25.18 Screen shot 2018 12 20 at 1 08 33 pm 68e730d2 featured

There are no new releases with nudity today, what with it being Christmas and all, so enjoy this rundown of some of the best remastered nude scenes you may have missed being updated over the last few months. ... read more

Leaving Streaming in January: Dressed to Kill, Not Another Teen Movie, Road House, and More 12.25.17 Screen shot 2017 12 13 at 10 38 07 am c1bbcec5 featured

There are some absolute stone cold skin classics leaving the big three streaming services when the clock strikes 2018, so you've only got another week to enjoy these six flicks!... read more

Skinstant Video Selections: Lay the Favorite, Not Another Teen Movie, The Disappearance of Alice Creed, and More 10.11.17 Screen shot 2017 10 09 at 12 08 31 pm 51cba822 featured

We've got a great mix of films from you, all from the new millennium and all with some amazing nudity!... read more

SKINcoming on DVD & Blu-ray: Outlander Season 2, Uncle Nick, and More! 11.1.16 Outlander swan nipples daf82946 featured

TV series and indie flicks, along with the Blu-ray debut of a skin-filled comedy favorite headline home video this week!... read more

Chocolate Decadence -- Celebs 'Milk' the Holiday and We 'Eat It' Up! Chocolate photo 01 3e7ec580 featured

“Chocolate,” begins one ode to the tasty treat. “From the days of the Aztecs and Mayans it’s been considered an aphrodisiac, and it undoubtedly remains the sexiest, most sensual food out there.” ... read more

May 21 Birthday Babes Nude at Mr. Skin! [PICS] 15775 web

It's another skinsational May day for a birthday, and we've got a sexy sextet of starlets celebrating today!

Hit the jump for more pics and info!... read more

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