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Sugar Daddies

Sugar Daddies (2015)

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The Lifetime network has made an art out of creating movies that make men look irresponsible, one-dimensional, weak, sex-obsessed, and downright creepy, such is the case with Sugar Daddies (2014). Their latest cinematic clunker follows Kara (Taylor Gildersleeve), a smart pre-law student trying to make ends meet by busting her hump at a bar, serving crappy food and watered down drinks. Way to kill it on the job front, smarty-pants! It’s not like those tips are going to cover your law school tuition. After getting let go from waitressing, Kara needs a j-o-b. Mom and dad are up to their necks in medical bills, so don’t bother asking them. Leave it to Kara’s cute roomie Shawna (Ashley McCarthy) to solve her unemployment dilemma by introducing her to the world of escorting, where she meets Grant (Peter Strauss), an older rich dude with a desire for young tail. It’s love at first gawk, and the dusty dude makes Kara a monetary offer that she can’t refuse. Well, actually, she does refuse it at first. After a little prodding from Shawna, the hesitating chick decides to take Grant’s monthly check in exchange for some sexual adventures. Wonder how her boyfriend Justin (Griffin Freeman) is going to handle this? But with a steady flow of cash coming in, along with other, diamond-studded perks, who cares about that dingus? Things are going as well as expected, considering she’s banging a GILF, until Grant’s obsession with choking chicks during sex complicates everything. An angry, fist-throwing father, a ripped up check for a hundred grand, a failed threesome, and an overdose-induced death of a hooker (Samantha Robinson) leads to a gun-wielding, pipe-swing, private plane-escaping climax that will teach Kara that there’s no such thing as easy money. Your climax will be much more pleasurable, thanks to bra-and-panty-clad moments from Taylor Gildersleeve and Samantha Robinson. Too bad we didn’t get to see their lumps of sugar!