Stranger Things is a massive hit for Netflix - so big in fact that it was the number one most-streamed series in America in 2023! According to the latest from Nielsen, Stranger Things racked up an eye-popping 52 billion minutes of streaming across its four seasons in 2022. Does it hurt that the show features a roster of fine ladies who have gotten naked to varying degrees in their other projects? We simply can't imagine.

Naturally we have to start with Winona Ryder, who enjoys top billing in Stranger Things as the fiercely protective mom of the perpetually endangered son, Will Byers. She's definitely a cool mom, as she has two topless roles under her belt - roles that aren't talked about nearly enough. In 2000's Autumn In New York, Ryder slips us a great deal of her nip while dreamily looking at the falling snow outside of her window. A few minutes prior, we can see her breast as she has sex mostly hidden behind translucent glass.

And then you have her sex scene in 2007's Sex and Death 101, which brings Ryder's most intentionally nude role. Still, she loves to tease us!

Stranger Things season three breakout star is the naughty nepo baby Maya Hawke. She plays a band-geek slash ice cream shop cashier who joins a group of the Hawkins regulars in attempting to uncovere the huge mystery plaguing their town. We've seen bits of Maya Hawke's bod in Generous Heart, Human Capital, and To Love A Boy, but she delivered far and away her best nudity in the music video for her band's song, Thérèse.

And please do not forget about Cara Buono, who not only wore a bathing suit on Stranger Things - she has the best nudity of any Stranger Things star. Cara plays Karen - the lusty mom of Mike and Nancy Wheeler, and her character loves to show off her MILF curves at the community pool in front of her teen crush, Billy. Billy feels the same way, and even propositions Karen to meet up at a motel room. If only Billy could see her unbelievable breastfeeding scene in The Sopranos!

Natalia Dyer nude isn't something you're going to find yet. But Nancy Wheeler herself has a shocking masturbation scene in Yes, God, Yes.

Now, get you some strange with the hot stars of Stranger Things in their nude and sexy roles.

Nudity From Stranger Things Actresses