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If you want any indication on how hot Stephanie Corneliussen really is, she won the coveted title of “Supermodel of Scandinavia” in a modeling contest as a young teenager. After burning up the runway as a successful international supermodel and appearing in national campaigns and billboards for major corporations, Stephanie decided that she wanted to pursue her dream as an actress. While in pursuit of silver screen fame, the leggy supermodel showed off her goods in Playboy magazine, earning the coveted cover of the November 2014 issue, a cover that has some hot chicks holding her head and cupping her breasts. She made her acting debut with a small role as a witch in the fantasy flick Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters (2013), which led to a typecast role as a “gorgeous intern” on the boob tube series The Rebels (2014). After earning a guest spot on the show Royal Pains, she created a pain in our loins when she teased a look at her bikini-clad body in the HBO comedy Hello Ladies: The Movie (2014). She did make a minor Nude-Comer debut on the small screen by showing that Danish derriere while climbing out of a bathtub on the cyber spy drama Mr. Robot as the S&M loving Joanna Wellick. She then followed that up with multiple underwear shots as "Mystery Woman" on the series Deception. If you're going to cast someone as the super-hot "mystery woman" on a series, we think you couldn't do any better than Stephanie, she's an absolute 11!