Staff Picks: 90s Gay Girls

Our Staff Picks column takes you back to a time when video stores reigned supreme and the "Staff Picks" section was the place to find out what films were worthy of one's time. Of course, our version of Staff Picks has a decidedly skintillating angle, as we suss out which films from a particular subgenre are the best to find great nudity. This week let's cover one of the absolute best things to focus on for Pride Month: 90s gay girls.

Why 90s? Well, during the 90s lesbians were making waves. One might say they were going mainstream. Lesbian chic movies like Bound and Go Fish were all the rage (and a lot more) and some actresses and singers were either openly gay or openly flirting with other women (we're looking at you, Madonna!). Here are the confirmed gay girls that were all the rage in the 90s:

Meredith Baxter

The beautiful Meredith Baxter was a hot TV actress who played the mom in Family Ties. After that, she starred in a CBS movie called My Breast in which we saw a boob out for a breast exam. Just say 'yes ma'am, to that mammogram! While she was sort of everywhere throughout her decades long career, Meredith Baxter was definitely in the public eye in the pate 80s and early 90s. In 2009, Meredith came out as a lesbian when she was 62-years-old! It's never too late to love ladies.

Staff Picks: 90s Gay Girls

k.d. Lang

We all know that k.d. lang is a lesbian. But did you know that the songstress has also gone nude? The Canadian singer-songwriter was sort of THE leading lesbian of the 90s and beyond. She is a huge activist and she likely activated a lot of sexual awakenings in lesbians around the world when she went nude in Salmonberries. Her full frontal scene showed her berries and bush!

Staff Picks: 90s Gay Girls

Jenny Shimizu

The mechanic-turned-model Jenny Shimizu was the androgynous object of everyone's affection in the 1990s. She was such a hot commodity that she reportedly dated both Angelina Jolie AND Madonna. She dated Angelina Jolie after they starred together in Foxfire before Jolie went back to men. The Calvin Klein model was also linked with Ione Skye. She's now settled down and married which is probably good because Jenny seems like she was the girl who would steal your girl!

Staff Picks: 90s Gay Girls

Queen Latifah

Queen Latifah was a big star in the 90s because she could do it all. The singer, rapper, and actress did everything from starring in Living Single to releasing hot raps that made the hip-hop world bow down to the new queen. There were always rumors about Queen Latifah's sexuality. The rumors swirled throughout the 90s and 2000s, but it took a while for the Queen to finally come out. Well, she's out and proud - just like she was in the movie Bessie.

Staff Picks: 90s Gay Girls

Ellen Degeneres

Finally, THE 90s girl of gaydom was Ellen DeGeneres. The comedian came out in the 90s and was also one of the first openly gay people to have her own sitcom. Ellen even engaged in one lesbian nude scene with her then-girlfriend Anne Heche. They were an It Couple for a while and they showed us what It was all about in If These Walls Could Talk 2.