Staff Picks: 1992

Our Staff Picks column takes you back to a time when video stores reigned supreme and the "Staff Picks" section was the place to find out what films were worthy of one's time. Of course, our version of Staff Picks has a decidedly skintillating angle, as we suss out which films from a particular subgenre are the best to find great nudity. This week let's cover one of the absolute BEST years in moviemaking: 1992.

The 90s were a hot time for nudity - especially the early 90s! The erotic thrillers of the previous decade came back with avengeance and gave the world some of the most famous erotic thrillers to ever be made. But it wasn't just erotic thrillers that dominated the movie landscape of 1992. It was also a strong year for foreign films with nudity, artistic films, and the very early brewings of a new wave of American indie cinema. All of that means great nudity, so here are our Staff Picks for 1992.

Single White Female

Single White Female is an enduring meme or a movie because the premise is crystal clear and a consistently relatable fear: what if you roomed with a stranger and they became an obsessive killer stalker? Hasn't everyone had that fear? Jennifer Jason Leigh moves into an apartment because she answered an ad that Bridget Fonda placed for a roommate. Lucky girl because Bridget is beautiful!

Staff Picks: 1992

Well, Jennifer is a psycho! A hot psycho, but a psycho. She starts to take over Bridget's life, even iconically getting the same haircut and color as Bridget.

Staff Picks: 1992


Louis Malle dipped his toes into the erotic thriller world with this sensual French flick that was rated NC-17. A politician and family man becomes adulterous when he meets Juliette Binoche. The two have VERY steamy sex in all kinds of positions. It is super hot when they are sitting on the floor together, wrapping their legs around each other, and Juliette's juicy jugs are out for us to see.

Miranda Richardson also stars and is stunning in the film. There are more sexy ladies to watch in this psychological thriller.

Staff Picks: 1992Staff Picks: 1992

Gas Food Lodging

Let's take a break from crazy erotic thrillers. Remember that reference to early American indie cinema burgeoning? Director Allison Anders is an underrated force of the 90s indie movement. Her touching sophomore film Gas Food Lodging starred a naked Ione Sky and a young Fairuza Balk as two sisters who are bored in a small New Mexico town. So they try to get out of it! It's an adventurous indie film that will give you all the feels and make you want to cop a feel on Ione!

Staff Picks: 1992

Innocent Blood

Vampires. Gangsters. John Landis. Those three words are all you need to know about the comedic horror flick Innocent Blood in which mobsters are also vampires. It's a vampire mob and the police are trying to to take the blood suckers down. While they do that, we are checking out the serious suck sacks on babes like Anne Parillaud.

Staff Picks: 1992

We also see breasts on three hot strippers with huge ta-tas. They don't look so innocent to me!

Staff Picks: 1992

Basic Instinct

This film might be the most 1992 film because it was all anyone could talk about at the time of its release. Sharon Tate gave us the crotch shot heard 'round the world when she uncrossed her legs during an interrogation, revealing the power that lies between her legs. No panties - just pussy. She then crosses her legs again, but the message was clear: she's in control.

Watch the famous scene here: