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Fast Company (1979) Nude, breasts 00:40:33 The topless groupie twosome of Cheri and Sonya flank a race car driver in bed! (1 min 4 secs)
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Canadian cutie Sonya Ratke is that rare breed of actress who made her film debut and nude debut all in one fell swoop. What's even more unique about this beauty from the Great White North is that she hung it up after that movie, but frankly, who could blame her for wanting to go out on top! Sonya's one and only film appearance came in Canadian horror maestro David Cronenberg's auto racing flick Fast Company (1979). While you might be expecting an early precursor to Cronenberg's other automobile centric film Crash (1996), you should instead buckle up for a fairly standard action comedy racing flick that were all the rage at the time. No one's having sex with anyone's leg wounds, no one's sporting a giant vagina on their stomach, and most importantly, no one's tearing off flesh to reveal they're really Roy Scheider and screaming, "Benway!"—man Naked Lunch really messed us up! Nope, it's just your average, run-of-the-mill late 70s racing movie following in the wake of the unrivaled success of Smokey and the Bandit (1977). Sonya plays one of a pair of hitchhikers—along with the lovely Cheri Hilsabeck—who get picked up by hotshot racer Billy "The Kid" Brooker (Nicholas Campbell)! Eventually he beds both babes and we're treated to the topless treats of Sonya and Cheri flanking The Kid in bed! It's really a shame that Sonya Ratke decided to hang it up after this one movie, but she'll always be hitchhiking in our hearts.... and in our parts!