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The crime series Snoops is one of those series that undoubtedly would have deserved to be in for a longer run since it had everything a good production needs. Snoops sported a very good main cast (led by the charismatic Gina Gershon), interesting storylines, and the right mixture between comedy and drama. Nevertheless the impolite fellas at ABC opted to cancel it after only ten episodes. Created by David E. Kelley, the story centred on the events occurring in a detective agency owned by the somewhat mysterious Glenn Gall (Gershon). Her sidekicks are the short-tempered computer whiz Manny (Danny Nucci), the streetwise African-American Roberta (Paula Jai Parker), and Dana (Paula Marshall), a former by the book police officer. Equipped with various high tech gadgets and tons of lip-gloss they are sure to solve every case. The only actual problem with Snoops was that the cast fell apart early on with Paula Marshall dropping out after episode number eleven, and Paula Jai Parker following in the last one. Although Marshall was quickly replaced with sexy Canuck Jessalyn Gilsig, the series from then on lacked the necessary friction caused by the working relationship between the two main characters. In terms of nudity, Gina Gershon looked better than ever throughout, but the sexiest moments were provided by Paula Marshall who could be seen in her bra while making out with some fella during one of the early episodes. If you prefer a little bit of actual skinful input then check out Gershon’s lovely mini-hooters in the classic Showgirls or Marshall’s even better developed pair in The New Age. Interestingly, both of those flicks have one thing in common: they would be unbearable to watch if it wasn’t for the nudity.


Jessalyn Gilsig

Suzanne Shivers

Paula Marshall

Dana Plant

Paula Jai Parker

Roberta Young

Gina Gershon

Glenn Hall

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