May December star Natalie Portman told Drew Barrymore on The Drew Barrymore Show that she would never show her boobs. As a fan of Skin, I thought that this was common knowledge. I've known for years that Natalie has been outspoken about not wanting to go nude on camera...but then she showed her ass...and has had some nip slips.

Even with those nude scenes (that it almost sounds like she has forgotten that she did), she claims she would never show her breasts because she doesn't want her kids to see that. She's not the only one. There are a surprising amount of very famous and sexy celebrities who won't show their breasts for a little bit of pay - even if the role would be even better with it!

As a total aside, I don't understand not going nude at all. We all know that some nude scenes can be gratuitous, but a lot of them are natural and advance the plot. It's human to be nude! Don't actors want to show off truth and humanity in their work? Anyway, these are actress who do not want to do that as they all refuse to show their rack on camera. Some of these might surprise you:

Sarah Jessica Parker

Famously, executive producer Sarah Jessica Parker was the only women in Sex and the City who did not go nude. Despite all of her sexcapades, Carrie Bradshaw wrote her sex column while keeping her bra and panties on. SJP says that she's actually pretty shy and modest in her every day life, so she really doesn't want to go nude. So Carrie has sex with her underwear on!?

Six Surprising Celebrities Who Won't Show Their Boobs

Allison Williams

Following in SJP's footsteps, Allison Williams was the only person in the Girls cast to not go nude. She said she did not want to give her character Marnie all of herself since acting requires so much. By not going nude, she was able to retain pieces of Allison that her character Marnie wouldn't get.

Six Surprising Celebrities Who Won't Show Their Boobs

Okay, sure! But now that you aren't Marnie...maybe? She showed some ass crack in another role, so we may be closer to convincing her to show her breasts.

Six Surprising Celebrities Who Won't Show Their Boobs

Megan Fox

Wait, Megan Fox won't go nude?! But she's SO sexy! Apparently, she finds most of the nude scenes that she has been offered to be gratuitious. Thus she has turned down many roles because of the requests for her nudity. Megan feels like a shoe-in for nude scenes, but she claims that she doesn't feel comfortable with them. That being said, we think we saw some bush in this photo shoot video:

Rebel Wilson

Aussie comedian Rebel Wilson has a "no nudity for comedy" clause in her contracts. She has recently lost weight, so I wonder if she might feel more confident about showing skin onscreen. I also have to wonder about that "for comedy" addendum. Does that mean that she would go nude for the right kind of dramatic role? Hollywood, get on this!

Six Surprising Celebrities Who Won't Show Their Boobs

Jessica Alba

Sexy starlet Jessica Alba may have tricked you into thinking that she has gone nude, but she uses body doubles. She says that she does not want to go nude out of respect for her family. Yeah, yeah, we've heard that one before! What about going nude out of respect for your fans and admirers? What about us, Jessica?!

Six Surprising Celebrities Who Won't Show Their Boobs

Blake Lively

Blake's reason isn't about family or children at all. Her reason for not going nude in her movies is that she personally finds nudity in movies distracting. Since she personally gets taken out of a movie or TV show when an actor goes nude, she figures other people do, too. I mean, we all do in a way, but it's only because we are so horny!

Six Surprising Celebrities Who Won't Show Their Boobs